FEATURE REQUEST: Possibility download and install firmware file from Prime unit over Wifi


Could it be possible to add download firmware functionality under Utility menu?

User could select save location like usb/hd attached in unit and after download has been completed it could be just restarted. Similar functionality like we have mobile phones already for OS updates. No nees for laptops, if you have internet connection.

BR, -Niak

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I think I read this same feature request, and all the reasons why it was a terrible idea, technically, a few months ago when I joined the forum.

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A little checksum solves that.

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I am not sure why this would not work? It is working with smart phones and also with laptop and the unit.

You need anyway check that firmware package is correctly download and valid. They have it already on that updater software.

This should not be automatic. User should have the power choose correct time for download and update.