Feature Request for Correcting wrong BPM with a factor of 33%


Some BPMs are wrongly analysed by a factor of 0.33 or 33%.


The original tempo of that track is 102

i have many other examples of tracks that the bpm is worng by that factor in my library

Both the players and EP just have 1/2 (multiply or divide) currently.

As an option in the analysis menu if a song imported from other DJ software or downloaded already contains BPM info, engine Prime should use that.

Thank you


I will add. Tempos in that range (around 100) seem to be especially hard for Engine Prime to nail down I’ve noticed! Which makes me wonder if it’s just a bug in the algorithm. Interesting nonetheless.


I was curious as to why, then i noticed the pattern of 33%

Can you check your incorrect bpm to see if it’s off by 33%


I will do that tonight actually and report back!


33% means it is likely accidentally reading the triplet pattern in the beat. Agree - a 1/3 button would be a great addition.


I just checked the maths again.

Using an track of 100bpm (original bpm)

Engine Prime calculation 133bpm

Taking 33% of 133 from 133 is going to result in an incorrect bpm as well.

If 133bpm is multiplied by 0.75 it will give 100bpm

Quick maths.



Yup! Confirmed 33%! We have a winner!!


We are aware of this issue and we are working on this as we speak :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Awesome!! Looking forward to the update! Thx!


The worst tracks seem to be drum n bass

I don’t mean for bpm calculations, I just mean the worst tracks seem to be drum and bass :grimacing: