Feature request. EQ on Master output

Is it possible to design a 4 band EQ with shelving on the master output. In that way I don’t need an external EQ for room corrections could be placed somewhere in the setup.


I’d be worried about such a suggestion unless it could be locked and hidden under installer or owner settings or password protected. A problem could be caused where a visiting DJ might add bass on their rotary channel EQ, AND then also add bass to the Master output EQ, AND also add bass on the main rack EQ equaliser. All those +6dbs could really cause damage if there was no overall PA management controller, or compressor/limiter etc.

Perhaps a better option then could be that there should be a 4 or 5 band master EQ in the setting s menu, but only offering a maximum of a 6db CUT but no GAIN in each of the 4 frequency bands ?


I like the idea with the 6db cut only

a master eq also offers new, creative possibilities. i still have (and use) a rane mp24 :slightly_smiling_face: