Feature Request: Engine for Linux


I would absolutely love a versioon of Engine for Linux. Any OS distro. I literally only use Windows for Music Management on my laptop.

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There’s always one. :open_mouth:

It’s great already that denon make Engine Prime for both Windows and Mac.

If there was another platform of engine prime would more people want an iOS / Android app instead of Linux ?


As with your other topic on omnidirectional database conversion, it all comes down to what makes sense to budget.

Barely anyone in the DJ world uses Linux, heck, I’m a software developer and I don’t even use Linux - if I need to check Linux compatibility with a program/web app I’m working on, I spin up a docker container.

Given the extremely low percentage of people who use Linux in the DJ world this request is almost certainly going to end up in the “never going to happen” pile.

Side note: Have you tried running EP under wine?

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Dear Everyone On This Forum,

Hi there. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m waiting for a frozen pizza to finish cooking so I have 7 minutes to write this: When someone posts a feature request eg. “I think it would be cool/fire/sick/nice if FEATURE X” was added to Denon DJ hardware/software, you are not required to immediately attempt an explanation of why said feature is pointless/useless, etc. Seriously. I’m not telling you what to post or how to post…I’m just reminding my fellow Denon DJ Forum enthusiasts that no where in the lengthy Terms of Service does it say anything equivalent to:

“be sure to immediately rain on the parade of on ANY/ALL feature request posts […] while making sure to also write in an quasi-authoritative tone while making sure to speculate wildly […] though most importantly only take the single, most important world perspective there is (ie. yourself)…”

OK, my pizza looks ready to eat L8z. With Love, m

PS. FEATURE REQUEST: can the next firmware update to the sc5000 cook frozen pizzas - similar to the thing on the sc5000m. thnx!

pps. @JonnyXDA I’ve often wondered about EP and other systems working/not working via wine.


Nor do we read of permissions granted for authorative sarcasm, either pre, or post cheezy circular heated food items.

It’s woefully poor managing of customer expectations to say “thanks for your suggestion, it’s been passed onto our development team”. We’ve no reason to doubt that every suggestion really do get passed to them, some suggesters will take that to mean that their suggestion will appear in the very next firmware launch. Only to be followed by the bitter aftertastes and the bitter questions of how much longer will “my” suggestion be now?

Not rejecting a suggestion can be seen by some as the suggestion being still “coming soon”


Just to be clear, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, more like inject a bit of logical thinking into the conversation - if everyone thought logically before making feature suggestions, I reckon half of these wouldn’t even be asked.

It’s also about priorities (and again, here is where the logical thinking comes in), is Linux compatibility really something that would benefit the majority of consumers? Or pretty much just 1 or 2?

The current market share of Linux (any distro) is just 1.61% according to https://www.statista.com/statistics/218089/global-market-share-of-windows-7/#0 - and that’s for general consumers, for DJs it will be much lower as none of Serato, rekordbox or Traktor have Linux compatibility.

Denon already have probably about 99.9% of their users covered with the Mac and Windows versions of the software, should they really choose catering to the 0.1% that use Linux over choosing to work on features more beneficial to the 99.9%?

For those on Linux, Seeing if wine works is an option and if it doesn’t work, VirtualBox is completely free and has Linux distro packages so if you’re that commited to not using windows or Mac, here’s your workaround. I won’t suggest docker as it’s not particularly consumer friendly and requires silent install but it’s also possible if anyone feels particularly brave :slight_smile:

PRIME 4 search like serato

I will eventually build a Wine library that will run EP on Mint. For now, though it is on the backburner. Already working on getting Serato DJ to run first.

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Forget the wine run ep on beer and have a cheer.


“Not rejecting a suggestion can be seen by some as the suggestion being still “coming soon””

I get that - having spent time in the IT and the DB tech support trenches myself, but wouldn’t it make sense for the official Denon DJ employees (or representatives) to officially reject suggestions. I’m really, really not trying to single out users who replied to this post - I’m sure I have possibly maybe in theory used a dismissive tone in reply to someone’s sincere feature request (truthfully, my past is flooded with scenes of savagely dismissing some of the best ideas of all time) - but I have a soft spot in my heart for (as someone put it rather succinctly) the “there’s always one” poster, and I was hungrily waiting for my pizza.

PS. FEATURE REQUEST: Give the Prime ecosystem full and uninhibited OSA support for Roland TR-SYNC devices.


I know 8 Linux Users that are Deejays in the southern Ohio tr-state area. We all work in similar fields, however.

That aside, both Mixxx and Virtual DJ are alternatives to use for Deejay software on Linux, but are terrible with Library Management.

A reverse engineering of Engine Prime’s library scheme might be a good place to start, if a third party library management software was developed for use on Linux with the Denon Prime series.

I’m swamped with projects already, but this might be in the pipeline for me coming mid-2020.


Looking forward to seeing this on github .


Engine Prime works great under wine (v 4+).

It works a lot better than rekordbox under wine, and it’s the main reason I’m considering switching from pioneer products to denon.

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+1 for Engine Prime for Linux (natively, without using wine nor virtual machines…)!!!

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