[FEATURE REQUEST] Editing Multiple Tracks Simultaneously

On Serato, I can edit tags for all the files I have highlighted. Is there no way to do this in EP?

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Hi Escottx - at the moment, within Engine Prime 1.1, there isnt this functionality. The suggestion is on the list of considerations for the development team re: future software enhancements. Thanks

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Is this still the case @Gee_DenonDJ

Sadly, yes. This is still the case.

Thanks for letting me know @escottx. This would be a useful update.

is there any update on this?

You know, I haven’t even checked lately. Got so used to being without that I forgot about it. Plus, I’ve been using Rekordbox a lot because I still find EP sorely lacking in other areas.

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@escottx & @Sebtaylor this is still in the backlog for a forthcoming update to Engine Prime. A new dedicated development team for the desktop software was put together at the start of this year to give EP the TLC it needs, multi-track edit is one of the top items on our feature wishlist for 2020.


That’s good news! Hopefully it will come soon as I am in the process of moving my entire collection onto EP and multi editing would be soooo handy!


this is a must-have feature, looking forward to all the developments for 2020!

@KDonaldson do you have any clue as to when in 2020 this feature will be released?

I have no timelines for when multi-track edit will be implemented in Engine Prime that i’m able to provide at this stage. Sorry @Sebtaylor

Thank you for coming back to me