[FEATURE REQUEST] Editing Multiple Tracks Simultaneously

On Serato, I can edit tags for all the files I have highlighted. Is there no way to do this in EP?

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Hi Escottx - at the moment, within Engine Prime 1.1, there isnt this functionality. The suggestion is on the list of considerations for the development team re: future software enhancements. Thanks

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Is this still the case @Gee_DenonDJ

Sadly, yes. This is still the case.

Thanks for letting me know @escottx. This would be a useful update.

is there any update on this?

You know, I haven’t even checked lately. Got so used to being without that I forgot about it. Plus, I’ve been using Rekordbox a lot because I still find EP sorely lacking in other areas.

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@escottx & @Sebtaylor this is still in the backlog for a forthcoming update to Engine Prime. A new dedicated development team for the desktop software was put together at the start of this year to give EP the TLC it needs, multi-track edit is one of the top items on our feature wishlist for 2020.


That’s good news! Hopefully it will come soon as I am in the process of moving my entire collection onto EP and multi editing would be soooo handy!


this is a must-have feature, looking forward to all the developments for 2020!

@KDonaldson do you have any clue as to when in 2020 this feature will be released?

I have no timelines for when multi-track edit will be implemented in Engine Prime that i’m able to provide at this stage. Sorry @Sebtaylor

Thank you for coming back to me

@KDonaldson any word on this yet? in beta or anything?

Whisker of a gnat away :sweat_smile:

Incredible that this feature has not yet been implemented. Really absurd lack. I have just purchased Prime 4, and multiple editing I have to do it on itunes. Another serious lack, is the missing of the “play count” column. Unbelievable for this level of product…

Yes it has. I suggest you read the web page -> https://www.denondj.com/engine-prime and maybe the manual. [edit] It’s mentioned on page 13.

It’s been available for over a month.

It’s worth getting up to date with forum topics with search

Yeah I’ve passed the night to read manual. I’ve the latest Engine version installed (on Mac Osx, maybe different option width Windows?) But I can’t change Genre (for example) for multiple track… If you know the mode, you can explain us how too? The manual mention only “A TRACK” in the [ID3 Tag] Edit… page 36 :wink:

Select a group of tracks (as you normally would in any software) then click the tag you wish to edit (same way as editing single tags in EP). Edit the tag. When you’re done it will ask if you wish to change multiple tags.