Feature Request Denon MC6000MKII

I’m not sure if any updates are planned for the 6000Mk2

Can the firmware be updated to have the Audio and Video on by default at start?

I use different controllers to DJ. often times after plugging in the 6000Mk2 and i m using a different controller serato video is off due to the mc6000 hardware video off/on.

It’s not a big issue but I didn’t realise this and learnt the hard way. I went to a gig and I was trying to video mix with another device but the crossfader wasn’t mixing the video. I didn’t have time to trouble shoot just did audio.

It wasn’t till I got home that I realised that the 6000Mk2 was the culprit.

Maybe this setting might help?

Also, I’m sure if you have the the video crossfader button enabled for both audio and video it stays on once the unit is switched off? Pretty sure it does this on the Mk1

Thanks for that.

I will have a look at the settings

The video crossfader button on my 6000Mk2 unit goes back to off after powering down.

Each time I power up the unit I have to push the button again.