Feature Request: Convert to other databases

We are able to import from both Traktor and Serato. However, it is uni-directional. I would like to use Engine as my master database and be able to bring all of that database information (crates, tags, cue points, and cue text) over to Serato, Traktor, and Rekordbox.

Currently, Rekordbuddy does not have Engine support, so there is no present solution to this problem.


How is the onus on Denon to provide this feature? You need to request this with the Rekordbuddy developer, or indeed the developers of Serato and Traktor.

Or if you own a mac, buy the DeCU and DJ Conversion Utility apps which do have omnidirection support as far as I’m aware.

  1. The DeCY and DJ Conversion Utility Apps have issues running on a VM with a network attached drive.

  2. Damien has already announced upcoming Engine support, however he does not have a full development team, so it takes time.

  3. If you are going to hate on feature requests just due to their possible lack of plausibility, maybe you should be an adult and avoid feature request threads.


Who ? Where?

Who said I was hating? I was asking a question coming from a valid point of view.

Look at it like this, Denon want you to use Engine Prime (actually the whole ecosystem) so it make logical business sense to budget for time to investigate and implement methods for DJ’s to convert their existing databases over to EP to ease the transition.

Now, look at it the other way, if Denon want you to remain on EP, how on earth does it make business sense to enable a way for easy export of the collection to other software… that’s just not logical and from a business sense, it is more worthwhile budgeting for further feature development of the EP ecosystem rather than effectively saying “Yes, we want you to use Engine Prime, so here you go, here’s an easy way to export to other software so that you don’t have to use our software”…



Damien is the man behind Rekordbuddy and it has been mentioned multiple times regarding the 2.1 update on the Next.Audio forums.

The SC5000 is an official Serato Accessory. The X1800 is Serato Club Kit Compatible.

After trying out the latest version of Dec-pu conversion software from a peer2peer site, I deleted it, very unhappy with its flow and interface. A terribly 80/s feel to it and it feels too rickety.

And I don’t want to be restricted to Mac only for running conversions.

I have checked out Rekord buddy and it was talked about that rekord buddy 2.1 would have conversion to and from Engine Prime, but it seem that Engine Prime won’t be support it there until rekord buddy 2.2. But the creator does seem very positive that Engine Prime will get support then. Which is the good news !

Rekordbuddy 2.1 is not out yet. I like RB interface better. Its more than 1 year waiting for 2.1.

Regarding DJCU, i felt the same way when i tried it, but if you can get over the UI bit…its quite simple to use. 3 clicks to create a prime USB. For now its the only way i can preserve the BPM of the vast majority of the non house tracks.

@JonnyXDA does have a point. If all dj software all used one universal library management database then it will be cool.

I do remember an advise i received a long time ago which i did not heed to. I was told to use ITunes for playlist management as most dj apps can use it.

That may also be an option for jumping between software. At least you have crates and playlist.

I see the logic for a universal shared language or platform for DJ software track features, with the features being cues, loops, bpm, comments, star rates, and so on.

But I see this would be the lazy route for DJ software writers. Why?

I read, or heard somewhere that Engine Prime was over twice as accurate for cue/loop/beat grids settings than Serato - something about Engine Prime having 1000 “clicks” in a time space that Serato only has 500 “clicks” - so a better accurate resolution for points.

If all softwares had to be matching to each other then the engine prime writers would never have had to try to make that better resolution - just keep ambling along at the lowest level of any other popular, old, DJ softwares

If what you say is true about EP having a better resolution i havent experienced it yet. Hopefully we see this in the next update.

But back to the OP.

Best to request “EP to others conversion” with Rekordbuddy or DJCU.

I absolutely agree that universal database would be ideal, but we as consumers have to remember that all these companies (Pioneer, Denon DJ, Serato, NI/Traktor) are in competition with each other.

If they have proprietary databases it discourages consumers (DJ’s) from moving away from their platform to a competitors platform. This game is about user retention as much as anything else - it’s all well and good enticing new users on to your platform, but you also need to retain any users you currently have, then when you bring out new/updated products, the retained users.are more likely to buy those and stick with the company - for lack of anything else, switching to products from a different company would be too big a pain.

From a consumer point of view its a complete pain in the backside, but it’s easy to see why they do it.

I just wish everyone would decide on universal metadata but, apparently, that’s a pipe dream.

iTunes is almost universal for all dj software. Only if it could detect key, bpm and grid then we’re in business

It would be nice to plug into Pioneer setups with my Engine Prime prepared thumbdrives and just play…but that ain’t the case as I learned yesterday trying to play on a Pioneer XDJ-RX2! Denon DJ needs to fix a few things regarding it’s own database corruption issues and some simple features that have been asked for in the Prime universe for 2+ years now, then maybe something like this feature. Priorities!

I’m aware of third party utility tools to make a usb that will work on both platforms

Well, Denon has opened for RB usb’s…

It is Pioneer who have to ‘open’ for Denon usb’s… Thats not possible for Denon to do that on Pioneer equipment.

I’ve been looking and only seem to see tools that convert from rb>ep. None of them seem to go from EP to anything else.

I’m not aware of any 3rd party app to convert EP to other DJ software.

A couple were mentioned at the beginning of this thread, but still not ideal. Denon DJ…I buy their equipment (Prime 4 and SC5000/X1800 setups), use Engine Prime exclusively, they make money from me that way and have my loyalty as a customer, an ambassador, a partner of sorts. But I get invited to spin at Club X or Bar Y…and they have Pioneer CDJs and no room for my Prime 4 (which I’m happy to bring anywhere and throw it on a keyboard stand!). Now I can duplicate/triplicate my work, use an unreliable 3rd party app (supposed to be coming out for EP?) or depend on the guys making the software for Denon DJ to make it more user friendly than any other platform. Right now, Rekord Buddy 2 can transfer between Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox. Perhaps it will be the solution. BTW…to clear up my earlier post, version 1.3.3 is much better, faster at loading and analyzing tracks now. Thank you @DenonDJ

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