Feature Request - Batch editing of BPM

Allow us to half or double bpm in batch

This will be mighty helpful for DJs that play multi genres.

E.g. all the 60ishh bpm songs that are detected as 120ishh, 70ish detected as 140ishh

And vice versa

A way one can select everything and just half the BPM or double it. Say I make a selection containing 120 and 140 bpm songs and I half the BPM of the batch they should change to values of half the bpm of each song.

Hey Mufasa, While it isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, let me suggest something that comes close that both the software and the players already have inside.

If you adjust the analysis bpm range based upon the genre of music (ie: 58-115 to eliminate 60 bpm songs that could be detected at 120bpm) and re-analyze the files, you should be able to get what you want.


That’s what I’m doing already. :sunglasses:

But batch processing without needing to analyse will be nice as well, there is chance of beatgrids getting shifted with a second analysis. Whereas halfing or doubling just uses the current grid.