Feature Request - All available effects on the touchscreen

Want: As a DJ I would like to be able to see all effects on the touch screen so that it is possible to quickly select an effect that I am specifically looking for via the touch screen.

Explanation: At this moment it is only possible to select an effect by turning the FX select knob and the selected effect is displayed on the LED screen (above the FX select knob). This method can be frustrated because the user cannot see which effect comes next when turning the knob. Most of the times the user wants to be able to quickly find and select the desired effect instead of browsing through them which cost time.

Solution idea: I.e. create an extra panel by swiping “down to up”, “left to right” or “right to left” in the touch screen display which displays all the available effects which can be selected via touch screen. Or add the FX selection to the already existing up/down swipe panel.


I agree with you that the selection of the effects is to be improved because it is not fast. But it is better if you enter your request in the appropriate section using the appropriate form, so it becomes an official request that will surely ( :joy: :grimacing: :lying_face: :partying_face:) be realized.

It’s ok for the /selection/ of effects to be on the touch screen but I wouldn’t want the effects on+off button to be touch screen. I think I’m far too rough and stabbing on that button to risk it on a touchscreen

I like the idea, and will add another - the ability to (via the screen) enable or disable the effects we want to use, and re-order them, so that we can access (via the knob) our chosen effects quicker and be aware of their order.

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Also good this! :+1:

Thank you, I didn’t know that there is an appropriate form for feature requests. I just submitted this feature request and will add the link here once it is approved by the moderators.

Fast mod hey??

Prime 4 - All available effects on the touchscreen - SMART CONSOLES / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

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