Feature Request: Ableton Link Connectivity

With the addition of Stagelink via SOundswitch, it seems like the next logical step would be to have Ableton Link connectivity. Imagine being able to sync up with not only midi hardware, but also your production software as well.


This would be amazing, I spent forever trying different work arounds to get the X1800 to send a midi start to my NI software for drum sequencing Techno sets. This would be a solution for many sync issues across the board.

I cannot comment on the X1800, but my current workaround for using the TR8s as tempo master is to run Maschine within Cubase and have Cubase receive midi clock from the TR8S

I send MIDI from my X1800 to my TR8S.

See: X1800 Engine MIDI out selectable request

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Ableton link connectivity on the next patch pleeeaaaassseeee :pray: :pray: :pray: I’m actually hesitating to sell my sc5000 to buy ableton compliant turntables… :pensive:

WHich players or turntables are currently link capable?

The Pioneer players are Ableton Link compatible through:

  • ProDJLink software (595 eu / year)
  • Beat Link Trigger + Carabiner software (free)

Akai MPCs are Ableton Link compatible

Most DJ Software is Ableton Link compatible (Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ, DJay. Recordbox DJ support is on the to-do-list of Pioneer)

Both of these third party solution methods are already attainable using the Midi out from the X1800 mixer. You can also combine this with something like bomes to get even more in depth. Currently, no DJ Hardware Players or Turntables which support Ableton Link directly.

It would be nice if Denon became the first. The Denon DJ Prime Go is the same height and depth as the Akai MPC One. Being able to sync both via Link along with Ableton would be my dream setup for hybrid DJ/PA sets.

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That’s a pretty interesting observation.

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