Faulty Platters with Mc7000

Just bought the MC7000 (after ditching my Pioneer SX3 for multide of issues). So far very happy with the unit, but the platters are intermittent in working. They often default to ‘cdj’ mode where turning the platters results in very very slow turning of the platter. I read through the forum which seems to suggest adjusting the sensitivity, but this seems like a cop out reply. I am pushing down with all my strength and they still wont turn or stop the track from playing (like vinyl is supposed to). Why would I have to adjust the sensitivity if theyre set to ‘0’ by default? Clearly there;s some other issue going on, right?

My success rate with the decks is as follows: Deck 1 - 60%, Deck 3 - 85%, Deck 2 - 25%, Deck 4 - 30% So clearly the left deck is better than the right. PLus also the right deck’s ‘vinyl’ button is always off by default (which seems weird).

And yes i have pressed the vinyl button on and off multiple times (no difference). To be honest I have had platter problems with other controllers in the past (actually only the pioneer sx series) but I also have a backup pioneer sr2 which has NEVER had an issue. I just want a 4 channel controller than I can actually DJ on like I do with my CDJs or turntables…but so far no luck :confused:

I am running 2018 macbook with recent OS and latest version of serato. Thx

The usual things are … so you have the protective Cling films still on the platters… have you put any fake skins on the platters? … have you got good earth or ground connections? … is anything resting on the platters when you switch on?

Those are all usually asked about the primes, but some may be applicable to the 7000 too

nope nothing like that I wonder about the grounding, but it happens at multiple venues. For power strip I use a heavy duty Tripp-Lite 6 outlet Isobar which is supposed to help with interference and getting a clean power supply (?). The thing that really confuses me is why my 2 channel SR2 has never had a platter issue, yet my 4 channel controllers have almost all had issues (ranging from mild and occasional to fully broken). My mc7000 platters are operating at about 50 or 60% functionality - sometimes they work perfect and then will randomly cut out or go into CDJ mode Maybe the answer is just to switch back to bringing CDJs and Mixer to my mobile gigs cuz obviously there is little help or support available on this issue

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Trying to guilt trip denon is never as effective for answers as just simply stating the problem, asking For ideas and then waiting to see what gets said.

Have you got a link to that exact model of 6 way power dist? I’ve seen some where they do wierd isolation things by separating or isolating the earth at the input stage of the dist, then only giving a “clean” Earth from earth studs etc

Also, I had a “thing” going for about 3 months where I’d set up the same at every event but sometimes I’d get little electric tingles when holding the metalwork of my gear booth with one hand and touching the gear itself, especially bad if I was holding phono plugs… but only at some venues at some gigs - most odd.

I traced it down to a loose earth cable in a totally different item (powered speaker) that I used everywhere on the same ring main.

You might have to try swapping out that 6 way And checking/swapping all your leads

Maybe the answer is just to switch back to bringing CDJs and Mixer to my mobile gigs cuz obviously there is little help or support available on this issue

Yep maybe the answer is to rage quit and go back to the competitor that has the technology of the 1990’s… Somehow I don’t think that will be effective, though I wish you good luck :+1:

Are you using Windows ?. If so have you installed the windows driver ?. You must then open the Denon MC7000 app before you open Serato.

You shouldnt be putting any force on the platters. They are Capacitive, so you only just have to touch them.

This has happened to my mc7000, which I’ve had for a couple of years.

The interesting thing is it started happening immediately after installing the latest firmware.

The controller hasn’t moved, is set up in a decent studio environment, was being used last night with no issues, hasn’t had any cables moved or changed, has absolutely no reason to perform differently EXCEPT the firmware update.

It seems from most of the people who’ve said they’ve had this issue have just updated their firmware…

I was considering upgrading to something like the sc6000 this very morning but now I’m not so sure, Denon don’t seem to be offering any sensible suggestions for this issue, and there is no way I’m raping my bank account to go pioneer again so ■■■ do we buy now lol

It Looks like you’ve answered your own post.

Throwing toys prematurely out of cribs with talk of how you were about to buy a denon, and how you should have bought a different make and colorful blocked out words doesn’t incentivise anyone to go out of their way to rapidly assist. Especially at weekends

I’d re-check the cables inc power. And also if anything changed for the upgrade from how you’d usually play out, try changing the hardware back like different hardware or laptop or network cables

I’ve known a computer which had it own power supply earth pin Severed to stop ground loop hum try updating firmware and left that connected after the update, and it caused the platters to misbehave due to grounding. Also I get grounding issues from my platters if I have spare input phono leads hanging down from the back of the controller too, just plugged into the controller, nothing at the other end.

I haven’t really, and I’m not throwing any toys (although I’m naturally frustrated as anyone would be) maybe you’re just looking down on me a bit because ive not posted here before perhaps?

The question was - How can I go from having no ground issue to having a ground issue by ONLY updating firmware? Nothing else changed, it went from working to not working without anything except the firmware changing and there are no cables moved or dangling etc (but I do appreciate that advice to check, I did again) it’s not just sitting on a table it’s permanently installed into a DJ booth.

Sorry if I’ve come across badly but I’m only posting on here now because the issue happened now, I know it’s a weekend, I know Denon aren’t at work but I know other people are on the forum, and people ARE replying (but mostly to tell me to stop asking…lol)

The blanked out word was just a very well used three letter acronym in place of swear words but I get your point…


I managed to borrow another mc7000 (one of my mates bought one on my recommendation…) to test whether or not it would experience the same issues mine does in exactly the same conditions, and guess what… It doesn’t. Using my laptop, his laptop, my power supply, his power supply - same results, my mc7000 has issues with vinyl mode and his doesn’t. There is absolutely NO way this is being caused by a ground issue with anything except my particular mc7000, and it’s just way too much of a coincidence that it happened immediately after I updated the firmware having had precisely zero issues with that controller (or others) in the same booth for years previously. Tbh the main reason I wanted to test this is because I want to ditch the laptop and go standalone with an analogue mixer again, and it dawned on me that if I was wrong and the issue was outside of the mc7000, I would in theory have the same issue with other platters… I’ll send the videos to Denon and see what they suggest.

So what firmware is the working MC7000 using? Same as yours or earlier?

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His is on whatever it shipped with, mine has been updated once. His is about 3 months newer than mine at most so probably the same mine was originally.

The other thing is that applying a small amount of pressure to the platter makes it more likely to work (I’m not talking a platter breaking amount, just more than the minimal contact it should need) and the two decks are not equally playing up, the right deck is worse than the left, which is far more intermittent and will often just pause for a second then kick in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure in the vast majority of firmware updates this won’t happen but I’m not the only one this appears to have happened to

So you don’t know. Didn’t you think to check?

As you seem convinced the firmware upgrade caused it, why have you not reinstalled the older fimware (assuming you haven’t done so)?

Lol… I’m not in a position to check right now.

Why are you so convinced it’s not the cause?

I didn’t say I was!

You’re telling the story, and appear to have got to the bottom of the problem. I was just trying to round things off by asking what firmware was on the working unit, and if you’d reverted back to check things.