Fastest Way to move my whole music to prime 4

Hello team,

I have all my music sorted in folders on external hard drive… Which is the easiest and fastest way to put it on my prime 4?

Thank you

After your gig on Saturday, just before you close your eyes, start up Engine prime, connect your prime 4 in computer mode (with Internal SSD in situ)

Start sync manager

Check all your crates

Start sync

Go to bed

Wake up to a full transfer



The problem is i don’t have crates… before I use traktor and I play straight for my folders… I have to make one by one folder to crate? :flushed: And when i update my folder I must make the crate again… every time?

Looks like you have to start Creating playlists In Traktor

You may need to experiment a bit to settle on a workflow that will meet your needs


Make One Parent Playlist folder in Traktor , Call that all my dj music

then making sub playlist Traktor for each of your core folders

When you update your folders (eg download music) just drag that folder to the corresponding playlist in Traktor to update it.

And Sync Traktor to Engine Prime periodically to update as well.

That will be my approach.

My way:

Run EP on your computer with your external drive connected. Select your external drive.

Open your external disk in Windows Explorer and pull the main folder inside EP.

Leave your notebook for the night, while EP does the magic.

Once EP is finished, close EP.

Copy the complete folder-structure of your external drive (including the folders created by EP) onto the P4-internal drive.

Finished - you will be able to browse the folder-structure you’re used to with the P4 without creatoing crates.

In Traktor and VDJ even when you are browsing folders , it will have metadata.

I don’t think Engine OS (Prime 4) displays metadata in the folder browser tab.

So he may be see stuff like Track1.mp3 instead of Shakira - Waka Waka :sweat_smile: