Fastest Migration

Hey guys,

are here any experiences which the fastest way to get you whole music on a SSD into your Prime 4? I acctually tried it with the Denon Engine… and its HORRIBLE. Takes for hours and then you miss around 50% of your Tracks.

I want to save my music (around 40.000 Tracks on a 1 TB SSD inside of my Prime 4)

Thanks for your help anyway!

Best Greetz from Germany Alex Morgan


Might be worth putting the drive in a USB 3 enclosure, 40k songs took me about an hour to export to a USB 3 SSD for my SC5000’s

Having said that the Prime 4 should act as a USB 3 drive.

I have had a similar situation where out of 20K plus song files have copied over, around 2K of them were missing. Engine is not 100% reliable.

Hallo Alex,

ich habe mir einen externen SATA Adapter geholt und meinen Musik direkt aufgespielt. Muss halt danach noch durch die Prime Engine zum analysieren… Sehr zeitaufwendig und danach ist Deine Ornderstruktur nicht mehr vorhanden. Für mich als ehemaliger Traktornutzer ein “Unding”…

Gruß aus Karlsruhe