Faster than usual Serato Library update 1.2.2

After the Engine Prime 1.2.1 dropped I did the usual Serato refresh twice to test “the faster Serato library update” as claimed in the release notes for 1.2.1

Each time it took 6 hours. This was same time with older releases.

But tonight I decided to delete the old Engine Database from both my internal Hard drive and my external SD where my Serato library music is.

I downloaded a batch of new tracks and added them to the Serato library and started the refresh about 2 hours ago.

I left the computer to do its thing and went to do other stuff. By the the time I came back to the computer approx 90mins later I noticed the library update was completed. I initially thought something was wrong and checked the crates etc it was complete, all my 62k files from Serato was there. Cue points, tags etc incisive.

I’m investigating further by doing another refresh just now and keeping an eye on it.

I will update this post…I hope it’s not a fluke.

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sorry if you deleted all the library of evenings from the disk! how do you say that after you have downloaded other tracks to do the test and now you still find the whole library with cue point tags and everything else?

I deleted the Engine database on Internal and External drives not my tracks.