Fancy yourself as an Engine Prime or EngineOS beta tester?

Hello Everyone!

Are you an enthusiastic and committed Denon DJ Engine PRIME and/or Engine OS user? Do you like breaking things? Would you like to help ensure that the next Engine OS release is the best it can possibly be?

If you can answer yes to these questions, read on :slight_smile:

We are now accepting applications from brave souls who would like to join our Engine PRIME and Engine OS beta teams.

As beta testers, you will be using the latest Engine PRIME and Engine OS beta builds on your hardware and will report any issues you find on the private beta forums. Here you will also be able to discuss all things beta-related and make feature requests, should you have a great idea that we haven’t thought of yet!

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved with, the first step is to complete the application form, which you can find here, part of which will be to digitally sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Remember, what happens in beta club, STAYS in beta club!

If successful, you will be added to the Engine PRIME and Engine OS private beta forums, which in turn, will give you access to the latest beta builds for testing.

We look forward to working with you!

The Denon DJ Team



Edit now that this has been up for a bit:

It’s all well and good that people publicly profess their intent to apply for the beta, just don’t forget to also fill the form out :D.

Also Pro Tip - we are especially looking for people who can demonstrate that they can report issues and convey opinions clearly and concisely. Your responses on the application will be taken as an example of your communication proficiency. Please keep this in mind when filling it out.



Yes I’m a P4 Windows User, and would be extremely interested in testing new and ongoing features.



happy to lend my services although i am not a tech wiz.

I hope the more “outspoken” members want to join and help the Primes into stardom. :relieved:


Send me one and I’ll easily help out :grin:


Ditto. Experienced beta tester here.


Hi. I’m french and i have owned the prime 4 for over a year. I’m a P4 OS X User, and would be extremely interested in testing new and ongoing features.

many Thanks


Application done :wink:

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hope Denon let us join

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Fill in the application and wait a moment.

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I’m waiting :slightly_smiling_face:

…and we all know what Denon’s “moments” are like :slight_smile:

It could be months before we hear anything.

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already done, waiting for approvement very soon

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I’m taking down all the names that are volunteering here so I know who to blame when the time comes.:rofl:


Hmm, interested. But how easily can you revert to release-status firmware? You see, I only have one set of Sc6000’s…

Just “update”.

you mean downgrade :wink: Okay if that works (some devices don’t really allow downgrading without all sorts of hacks…)

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