Failed To Load Track from Serato Library

I am having this error when trying to load a track from Serato. I think the problem is that Engine Prime think that my tracks are in the drive ©.

Could be 2 things:

  • Your tracks are stored on a drive that is not compatible with Engine Prime
  • If tracks are already part of the EP collection they will not receive any new metadata (incl. cues/loops) from a Serato/Traktor/Rekordbox collection.
  • Tracks are not compatible with Engine Prime (some obscure AIFF compressed files, DRM files etc)

Deleting the tracks from the main EP collection will fix the most common problems. Alternatively, you can move your existing Engine Prime library out of the way to see how things go with an empty collection.

How to temporary disable your EP collection? see my reply under this post:

There are alternatives if you are on MacOS, but I promised not too self promote too much here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply… I will verify the different suggested solutions. But I think the problem was caused by the latest Serato Update, because Serato Studio suddenly is presenting the same behavior. I think I will format my OS and install every app EP, Serato and Serato Studio in the default, because right now my set up is kind of custom.