Failed to load track - file unavailable

Some music from my iTunes library fails to load, also had instances where the same track has worked fine in one session but become ‘unavailable’ in another. Any ideas much appreciated, thanks. Stewart

having the same issue - with flac files after the update - these played fine before - if i remove from the internal ssd collection and re-add then they play so it appears very random - the files are fully analysed through engine prime and play in all other software also

Denon prime 4 will now not play certain files after the recent update to engine 1.5

These files played fine before prior to the update and play fine through the engine prime software on the macbook and all other DJ softwares.

When loading into a deck it come up with the message “failed to load track - file unavailable” and then the track turns red and will not play - however if I remove the file from the collection on the internal ssd drive and re-add it - it then plays.

I have no idea if there is a problem with any of the files until i load them into a deck as engine prime software has fully analyzed these tracks and not thrown up any issue. The files that seem to be affected are all flac files

Did you want replies in this story thread on in the other thread that you mentioned this same thing in 5 mins apart?

@DJ_Didi, thanks for the heads-up and merged here.