Failed or Problematic Motors?

Hi all

I just wanted to see if anyone else has had failed or problematic motors on their 5000M or 6000M models? Ive had intermittent issues with mine for about a year and when they continued to get worse, Ive had to send them back to InMusic for repair. Being quoted for a new motor in each on players that are not quite 2 yeas old yet. Unhappy to say the least.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had any issues at all regarding their motors, no matter how big or small. If its a widespread thing Id like to take this further.


No motor issues on the 5000M here.

Got it close to release date for perspective

Also here SC5000M’s - since they were released - still going like new and never had a smallest problem.

Anch’io ho avuto problemi con un unità SC5000M il motore ha smesso di funzionare e non funziona più neanche in modalità jog :frowning: speriamo l’assistenza risolva

what was the quote if you don’t mind me asking?