Fader Issues

I’ve had my Denon MCX8000 for almost 3 years now, received it in May 2017. It’s been good for the last couple of years up until now. I believe my channel faders need to be replaced. When I scale channels 1 & 2 up and when, the volume for the channels do not correspond accurate to the levels they are at. If I’m at max, the volume will play like it is at mid level. At mid volume, it will play at either maximum volume or muted. My crossfader is also non responsive in Serato DJ, but I get the notification that it’s disabled everytime it is moved. I’m not exactly sure what to do, especially with the channel faders. 3 & 4 work just fine, but 1 & 2 are not working as they should.

Try cleaning them with compressed air then switch cleaner.

If that doesn’t work then the faders will need replaced. Simple as that.

I’ll give it a shot this weekend.

If that doesn’t work, how should I go about getting the faders replaced?

A local electronic shop (although it’s a nightmare to dismantle) or Denon if you can’t find anyone to fix it.

You can also just replace the whole mixer board easily enough.

I recently posted about an issues similar to yours. My channel faders work properly in standalone but not with Serato. This is a recent development for me. I’m certain that it’s software related and not sure if it’s an issue that should be addressed by Denon or Serato (or perhaps both). I have equipment for other manufacturers and I’m not having this issues with them.

It would be good to test your MCX8000 in standalone to see if your issue is the same as mine.

Hopefully Denon will see this thread and talk with Serato to rectify.

If they need to be replaced they are quite cheap. My local DJ shop ordered some from In-music for me, only 8 UK pounds each.