external m.2 ssd drive tutorial

ive been thinking about storage solutions for my sc5000m, this video shows perfectly my thoughts.

the question is how would i mount this to the sc5000 in an elegant fashion? Angle usb cables, velcro?

Thoughts please…

I use a Samsung SSD T5 which is not so dissimilar to this. Sticking it underneath the unit might work. There is some space.

As for elegant… that will be a matter of taste, I guess.

I agree with the bottom. I would use snap lock velcro to mount the drive to the bottom of the SC5000 and would also use flat cable with a right angle on the USB A side. You can use a hot glue gun maybe to keep the cable attached to the body of the SC5000.

Share some pics if you actually get around to doing this.

Just got another Samsung 860 Evo 4TB.

Interesting findings whilst trying to format it to Exfat for prime compatibility.

  1. There is a 2TB limit for MBR so went with GUID/GPT

  2. The USB 3.0 connection was giving me better Read and Write speeds than the Thunderbolt connection on my MBP 2017.

  3. I have another 860 4TB in a Thunderbolt enclosure (a repurposed Lacie Rugged).

I hope to use this exfat 4TB SSD interchangeably between the Primes and Serato. I’m tired of exporting to a smaller drive each time I want to use the SC5000M.

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