External hard drive issue

Hi i just updated the firmware 2.0 for my mcx8000 dj controller and installed engine prime 1.2.1 on my mbp 17" running on macOS 10.12.6 I have all my stored in the iTunes folder in my external hard drive and it’s formatted in extended journaled for the mac. which i use serato reading off of the iTunes library and that is normal there. but when i launch engine prime 1.2.1 it says the external hard drive is not or needs to be in fat 32 format, so therefore it doesn’t read the external drive. although that is not the drive i intend to use with prime. does engine only able to read in fat 32?

I have no problem using HFS formatted external hard drive with Engine Prime.

My Serato library is on the HFS drive.

Engine sees it as it would see an internal drive and I then export some crates or tracks to a thumb drive.

Are you sure you’ve got the latest engine prime?

Earlier versions had issues with Serato libraries on external drive that is not fat or ExFat and they fixed it in 1.2

Can you dismiss that non compatibility warning?

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hey guys thanks for response. all is good finally. it actually read the drive after I unplugged the drive and plugged it back in. so yes it does read the drive in extended journaled without a problem. idk, maybe I did something to it that I thought it wasn’t reading the drive my bad guys.sorry.

cheers, djevon