External gear connected to Prime 4

Hi Forum.

I am outlining a new live setup, combining a Prime 4 with external drum machine , samplers etc.

Has anybody experience with this kind of setup - especially regarding the flexibility of the Prime 4?

Any examples/links?

Q; If I connect a machine to a channel line input, does everything in the “channelstrip” apply to the external gear? ( Physical gain, cue, EQ, fx etc)

I could use midi out, so another route would be to go for one of the mixers with instead, but I like the Prime formfactor.

Please advise if any of you has experience with this kind of setup. Thanks

Be aware that the only Sweep effect that works with an external input is the filter. Other things (Cue, gain, etc.) work fine as far as I know

Yes, apart from the effects it’s a normal mixer.

Thank you.

But…Sorry, I’m still a bit confused. Only the filter mode can be used as a sweep effect, but what about the other effects? -delay, flanger etc?

Noting confusing about it - as we said, the effects don’t work on the analogue inputs. This is also made clear in the product manual by the way.

That’s reallly good advice.

With everything offering soooo much variety and different operating modes etc now, downloading a copy of the manual before buying something is a really good idea.

Yes, some thing can be changed later by firmware , but some things can’t (no matter how simple, or easy to do, or basic, or stone-the-crows-everyone-else’s-product-does-this-already some feature “should” be)

As has been said elsewhere, if the product doesn’t do what you want it to do, right out of the box on the day that you buy it, assume that’s it’ll never do it, and buy the next model up if you really can’t live (or can’t DJ) without that feature.

Yes guys, don’t worry: I’ll R.T.F.M !

Had heard that this forum was a good place to seek hands-on advice and help from experienced users.

You confused me with this sentence:

It wasn’t clear to me if Fx1 and Fx2 is still available for gear attached to the line inputs, even if only the filter works as the SWEEP effect…( not sweep delay).

I asked the same question on a Denon Facebook group, and the answer was “everything works”…

I also asked for general advise from anyone working with a Prime + drummachines live setup. Real life tips from people who works this way… -nothing you can read in a manual.

But I’ll download the manual now (And read it🥳)

Please - don’t try and get support/advice on Facebook. :roll_eyes:

Even on a closed,private Denon user group? Well I guess you’re right…if they gave me wrong answers… But they clearly owned the Prime 4

Well - off to the manual