External device being seen as internal (bug report)

I purchased an external 500gb Samsung SSD to use as a “master archive” of my music with the idea I’d keep sets for shows on a USB stick, and then have this drive to pull oddball requests off of in a bind.

When attempting to set it up I noticed something a little odd - in the desktop software this drive does not show up under the devices tab, and instead shows up only under the file system browser tab as if it is a locally installed drive in the computer.

Because of this I am not able to drop playlists or crates onto it. So two questions:

  1. Is there an option or workaround to get this drive to show up where it should be?
  2. I’ve noticed the local drives use a bit of a different database system than the external devices. If I set this drive up as a “local” drive, will the players be able to see it and read it properly?
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@ToddOddity are you using a Aplle or Windows machine?

If you are running a windows machine I find it interesting that you do see this external drive as a number of users have problems to get visabillity of their external drives under windows.

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Same problem in both Win 10 and Mac OSX - it shows up as an internal drive instead of an external device.

The way I’m doing it:

  1. I open the engine prime software

  2. In windows explorer, I open the harddrive where my songs/maps are on

  3. I drag the songs/maps from the harddrive in windows explorer into the engine prime software.

  4. The songs automatically start to analyse.

@djedge are you doing this on an Apple machine or a Windows machine?

On a windows machine.

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I just tested this and it works OK on the SC5000

I found this one in: http://denondj.com/kb/article/2322#Windows_explorer1

Help! My external drive doesn’t show up in the devices panel. (Windows)

This may happen when Windows (and therefore Engine Prime) detects an external drive as an internal drive. This can happen if an internal SATA drive is placed in a 3rd party USB enclosure. We do not support these drives and recommend you do not use them, as Windows is unable to safely eject the drives.

Except as I’ve mentioned, this is exactly the same issue on Windows and Mac - which both allow me to eject the drive, so they are obviously seeing it as external. Also, the drive is a portable SSD, not an internal drive in an enclosure.

No, this appears to be something to do with Engine itself, not the OS.

I know, Iv’e got the same problem.

Look at the picture:

When you look on the left side, you’ll see my external hard drive Dj Edwin with all the maps on the harddrive When you look on the devices list, no external hard drive is found.

I think Engine Prime needs an update for that problem?


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Just to clarify (as this topic has drifted between two different queries)

There are two situations:

  1. Windows can see the eternal drive, but Engine can’t see the external drive.
  2. Windows can’t see the external drive, and Engine can’t see the external drive either.

Our team are looking into point 2, above.

Is there a possibility that they are going to look at point 1?

So I can decide if I try other hard drives. At this moment it’s difficult to find the right hard drives which work perfect in a windows environment

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I could be wrong but, if Windows can’t even see a particular external hard drive, I doubt that any Windows based application or program would stand any chance of seeing that same external drive.

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Your team shouldn’t waste time on point 2. If Windows can not see the drive, the issue is with the drive, not the software. However, in my case, Windows and OSX see the drive just fine - it’s only Engine that is confusing it with internal hardware. This should be dealt with asap.

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Indeed, that was my idea either.

If Windows or OSX can’t see your hard drive, I think there’s something wrong with the hard drive.
If Windows or OSX can see your hard drive but Engine isn’t, there’s a problem with Engin?

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I think the point is not so much that EP doesn’t see the drive, it apparently does. The problem seems to be that it shows up in EP as an INTERNAL drive, rather than an EXTERNAL device (like it should).

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Exactly - making it impossible to drop crates or playlists on.

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Interesting update to this bug report: So the problem above on both PC & Mac was with the drive empty. I loaded a bunch of tracks on it and used my Windows machine to analyse them. As it is showing as an internal drive, I couldn’t export anything to it, but it did let me organize the music that was on it. Not perfect, but a decent workaround for the moment.

Here’s the interesting part - I plugged this drive into the Mac, and now that it has an Engine directory on it, it is suddenly showing up as a removable drive. So I was able to create playlists and user profiles and all that jazz. So while the issue isn’t fixed on the Windows side, the Mac side seems to resolve itself once an Engine directory is created.

The infamous DENONDJ folder in the root … I remember there were issues in the past. Sometimes you had to manually create that folder in order for things to work properly. Talking years back, but still.

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Same problem… any news how to solve this?

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