exporting music using engine software to my prime 2 external ssd dive

hi im trying to export my music to my prime 2 external ssd drive, and won’t work try to sync manager select my music crate and export it just blink and nothing try external usb same thing. please help me. I format the usb and my ssd drive to Exfat already and run the heath test and test ok

Have you added music to Engine Prime Collection?

yes I got music in my collection to my Engine prime. every time I run sync manager and select crate or folder and click export to drive it just blink and nothing happen but its says Export completed.I try drag and drop to the collection drive won’t work too.

please advise what I done wrong

Where are the main music files located? Internal computer drive or NAS?

my music I in my iTunes and other is in my internal music drive

They’re not Apple Music downloads, are they? i.e. rented copy protected files

You won’t be able to use those.

its apple download I buy the music and copy tru cds some of them back to iTunes. same thing happy if I put external flash drive. but if I drop the music direct to flash drive from itune it work just in the engine software won’t work to export or sync to the drive even external flash drive I use