Exporting/importing beat grids with Rekordcloud


I’ve moved my music library to a different drive using Rekordcloud. It transfers the tags and cues just fine, but Engine reanalysed my tracks again, so I’ve lost my beat grids from about 200 tracks that I adjusted myself. Thankfully I can identify which ones because I locked them, so they all have the white padlock icon, but it’ll take an age to do them all again.

Anyone with Rekordcloud experience know a way round this?


You will need to speak to the good folks at Rekordcloud

What do you mean by lost? No beatgrid? Shifted beatgrid?

Thanks, I should have probably looked a bit harder to see if they had a forum :slight_smile:

When you import to engine Prime, you need to select “lock beatgrids” in the Rekordcloud companion app. Then choose re-analyze instead of analyze to scan waveforms in Engine Prime.


Ah, I didn’t even realise that option was available in the app. Thank you!


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