Exporting History to USB from internal

Hi guys! I would like to know if is it possible to export the history from a recorded session from the internal hard drive to an USB stick. Thanks in advance.


Not yet. But if you hook up your prime to your pc or laptop, it will shown in EP-Software, where you can export it to your stick. Or create new Playlists from that, which you can also do on the PRIME4 device.

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I dont think its possible at the moment, please see:

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That works, thank you! The process is a bit confusing at the beginning :slight_smile: One thing I’ve found is that sometimes, when you load a track but after checking it, you have second thoughts because that track doesn’t fit at that moment or whatever, the track will appear or not in the history, making the track list a bit confusing as well.

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Being able to export a history “playlist” or playlist as a CSV to a USB stick or other removable drive is probably the one biggest request I could make. I would use it several times per month.

The second being, I’d just like to load a usb drive via Engine Prime, and be able to plug it in to the Prime 4 and have it move/copy new music, to avoid the USB cable hassle. Wonder if there’s a request for that yet…