Export to USB failed


when i export to USB Engine Prime crashed. The Database corrupt on the Stick. I used several USB media but the problem occurs again and again.

Version 1.1.1

Hi DjDie

Are you able to give us more details please. You should include how many tracks are being exported, what the “Job Monitor” is showing etc.

It is currently common for export to go quite fast up until the last track of exporting, then it “appears” to take ages to export the last track. It’s important to leave it to finish, even though the last track seems to take ages.

Check the files which you’re trying to export for any unusual files eg: Extra long durations, odd file sizes etc.

Try also, narrowing down which file(s) could be causing the issue. For example: If you’re exporting 2000 files, try spliting them into two folders/crates of 1000 and seeing which crate of 1000 fails to export - if theres a rogue file, you’ll then know which folder/crate of 1000 has that file in it. Then try splitting that folder/crate into two crates of 500 and see which one fails to export - again, the rogue file will be in the one that fails, and so on

Hi @Gee_DenonDJ im actually using this software to export crates to USB Stick to use in MCX8000 and i have a similar problem.

Im trying to create 2 crates in different moment, one of them have 1500 tracks, at first i have created a Crate, after that i import the tracks, and finally when im analyzing the tracks, at half it show me the next message “Database is Corrupt, reformat and rebuild this USB Stick”.

Im using a external 250GB mSATA SSD with an USB Adaptor.

I try this for 5 times at least, always the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

I’d suggest trying a test with a storage solution which doesn’t need the added complication of the USB adaptor. Do you have an alternative drive which you can use to compare?

FAT32, exFAT, Mac or NTFS?

I tried in ExFAT and FAT32, fail with both.

If i use other sticks it works right, but the device for other tasks works fine.

I’m dissapointed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried comparing the speed of the USB sticks that work well, against the speed of the sticks that don’t? There’s a USB stick benchmark in the forums general section