Export to Pioneer compatible USB

But recently pioneer removed the option to export the entire database to other softwares. Rekordbox 5 and lower gives us all that option, rekordbox 6 has amputated that feature. It seems clear by that move that pioneer don’t want an open ecosystem

This is very true, however, as far as I have read and understand, the exported USBs are not changing. This is because they have to support something like 10 years of hardware devices that cannot be changed. This is why Denon’s players can still import the Rekordbox USBs, even ones created with new Rekordbox.

In hindsight, it’s possible Pioneer is kicking themselves for boxing themselves into a simplistic and unchangeable format for USBs. And who knows how long that’ll go on for — will Pioneer eventually be willing to obsolete all its old players? Maybe, but I wouldn’t imagine that’s going to happen in the near future.

At least as of this writing, all Pioneer players ever made are locked into this one unchangeable USB format. And we already know Denon has reverse-engineered it to import them into our players. I think they should add the ability to write that out from Engine Prime.

EDIT: Just to add to the above, that will take some kind of pressure from us, the users, to make Denon either give it a try, or explain to us why it can’t be done. I don’t think it’s in our best interest to just assume there must be some reason it can’t be done and not at least ask for it. There’s no harm in asking, because it is only in our mutual benefit for this feature to be added.

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It would be good to get this answer from denon and whether they answer, or not, won’t be subject to how much pressure is or isn’t applied. The older posts show that heaps of nasty pressure was applied for a firmware update on the mcx 8000 and that still took years. Pressing denon to do something doesn’t do anything apparently.

But having asked them in this thread, maybe they’ll say to you “yes it can be done, it’s on our list etc” or perhaps they’ll give a “no it can’t” (either with or without reasons)

Either way, I agree it would be nice to know

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Could be that

Why? That’s what I can’t understand. Why start with EP then recreate in RB? If you started in RB, you could export your RB data to a stick, and import from RB to EP. It works that way, n’est ce pas?

Why do it the awkward way when you could do it the functional way?

His preference

People are going to lose their minds lol, if they decide to move to a different export database structure.

Even their last controller XZ is still reading from the same XML.

one of the few downsides success and had the largest market share for more than a decade.

If they decide to move the goalpost by changing their database to lock out other vendors, will that not require releasing a new line of products from beginner to pro level?

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I own Denon gear. I primarily use my gear. Sometimes, once in awhile, I have to use Pioneer gear. I know I am not alone in this position. I would prefer to use Engine Prime, but I personally know several other DJs who do in fact use Rekordbox for management as you suggest, and don’t even touch Engine, even though they own Denon gear. I’m sure Denon would like those people to come over to Engine too.

I am making the useful, constructive suggestion that Denon add the ability to create Pioneer USB sticks. It would be beneficial for all of us.

I believe this alone will keep Pioneer from changing the USB format for years into the foreseeable future.

So if it’s only sometimes once in a while, why not do it the functional way rather than the awkward way?

I’m not disagreeing that the “export to RB” feature would be useful. I’m just wondering why, when you need to do the RB thing, you choose to do it the “wrong way around”.

TBH I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking… why don’t I switch to using Rekordbox for music management instead of Engine? I believe I already answered that several times.

It shouldn’t be when users make a feature request the response is “well why not just go use x competitor then”.

OK I’ll try explaining it all again another way…

At the moment you’re opening both EP and RB, right? You start working in EP, then have to manually recreate everything you did in EP, using RB - yes?

For your needs (exporting to a RB stick) why are you not starting everything in RB (which can export in a suitable format), then importing to EP using the built in feature?

I’m not saying switch to RB completely. I’m saying use RB to do your “once in a while” exporting when you need to, then bring whatever changes you made into EP - which has an import feature.

Don’t go EP->RB. Go RB->EP (If/when you need to).

All my music is in Engine. My crates, my playlists, my cues, loops, sets… everything. When I create a set I go and play on my Denon player to hear how it sounds. I’ll make changes and adjustments on the player, I’ll bring them back to my computer. I usually reuse sets more than once, or combine the best parts of different sets into a new set. I’ll go back and forth continuously between my player and my computer. I assume that’s how most people work.

Rekordbox really doesn’t fit into this workflow at all, except for on occasion, when I get a gig at a Pioneer venue. Like the one I have upcoming presently. In this case, I do open up Rekordbox, drag in all the tracks from whatever playlist I want to play from Engine, then analyze and go through each track and set the cues and loops again, just to press “Export to USB” in Rekordbox.

So again, I don’t understand what you’re suggesting I do differently here? I propose Denon build a “create Pioneer USB” or something right there in the Sync Manager. They can already read in these USBs so they have the logic down.

EDIT: Maybe it won’t be 100% compatible. Maybe there is some unspecified legal hurdle. But we already have numerous examples of this exact problem being solved in other apps, so I don’t see why we would assume this can’t be done.

Maybe not as explicit as that, otherwise, lawyers may start knocking.

An option to export as XML may do the trick, and so it ain’t that brazen they can also add export as m3u for good measure.


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Maybe give it a more generic name like “Create Universal USB” or “Create Compatible USB” :grin:

Maybe “Create Portable USB” :+1:t2:

I can only respond to the information you provide in your posts. Your first post made it sound like a big deal that you were having to recreate things in RB after already doing that in EP.

You gave the impression it was something you were having to do constantly, using both EP and RB in parallel. Therefore I asked why you were doing it that way, and suggested you do it in reverse.

Now you’ve given more info, it sounds like you’re barely using RB. EP is your main software, but “once in a while” you need to use RB - so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue, if it’s not needed that often.

I promise you a lot of people would get a lot of benefit from this feature, myself included. If you can’t see why it would be beneficial for you doesn’t mean it’s not something Denon should consider. If you only ever mix on your own Denon gear, or somehow only play venues that have Denon gear, then that’s great. Some of us work differently lol… why defend the status quo? What is in it for you? This would only be an improvement that makes Engine better.

I did say earlier (check the thread) that I’m not disagreeing it would be useful. Just that if you’re rarely needing it, it’s not (or shouldn’t be) a big problem for those few occassions.