Export to MCX8000 - BPMs Changed During Process

Prior to performing the ‘Export to MCX8000’ process, I checked my tracks to ensure that they have the correct BPM and made edits as necessary (very important to me when searching for tracks to mix). It appears that during the Export process, Engine 1.2.2 incorrectly re-analyzed multiple tracks changing the BPMs. Major problem and wiped out HOURS of editing. Now I’m showing files that should be in the 120 BPM range as 79 BPM, etc. This needs to be fixed.

Yeah i too can confirm this that it needs to be fixed.Thanks for the post.

Regards, Shane. Kissanime Groupme

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I do apologise for this, I understand this must be extremely frustrating. Just to confirm a couple of points, and we’ll look into this further: Are the BPM’s correct in Engine Prime? Or are both incorrect in Engine Prime & your USB Drive? Was this onto an empty USB drive or was there tracks already on there?

Hi Chloe,

The files were already on the USB. They were exported onto the USB using Serato DJ Pro’s ‘Copy’ feature.

After lauching Engine Prime, I performed an import of the Serato crates. Engine Prime then analyzed the files. Next, I reviewed the imported files and edited the BPM’s on the imported files as needed. I then performed the ‘Export To MCX8000’ process. It was after the export when I discovered that the BPM’s were changed, not only on the files that I edited, but on others that were correct prior to the ‘Export To MCX8000’ process.

For the record: My main music library is stored on an external hard drive and backed up to other external drives. I keep no music on my any internal drives. For the purpose of security and convenience, this has been my process for many years. I exported a smaller library of music (6700 files) on to a 256GB USB for the purpose of using with the MCX8000.

Hey Mixlive,

I think this may be the issue. If you are just editing the tag data, you are not actually changing the analyzed BPM of the track. You would need to do this by loading the track to deck, changing the BPM in grid edit mode (and then possibly correcting the grid).

Please let me know if this isn’t the case, but that’s my top guess at the moment.

Thanks, Vince

Hi Vince, I edited each track by loading them to the deck and using “Tap” in the “Grid Edit Control” feature to make my edits. It appears to me that all edits I made were lost/rewritten when I performed the Export To MCX8000.

That does sound like it could be an issue. :confused:

Just one last thing - it’s possible that you have made the correction edit in the main database and didn’t copy the new BPM over to the songs on the drive. If you make any edits, the songs need to be re-dragged over to the drive to have the meta tag and BPM data updated. Were you aware of this?

That’s a valid question. I’m not sure if I was in the ‘Crates’ view or the ‘Device (USB)’ view while making the edits. I would have to try and recreate the scenario. Aside from that, there were other files that I did not edit and the BPM’s where altered during the ‘Export To MCX8000’ process.