Export speed even with USB3 is slow, low CPU

When I exported a crate of 900 tracks, it exported really slow, almost an hour which in RB normally take a few minutes.

Engine sits at like 6% cpu as if its doing nothing and each track is taking up to 5-6 seconds each to export which is pretty long considering I have a really fast read/write speed on a USB 3.0 drive on my MacBook formatted exfat

any plans to work on this and speed it up somehow, this is pretty bad, And I though RB exported slow, lol

Lol - the daft “tests” you do.

I didn’t know there WERE that many Beyonce tracks :confused:

All sorts of factors affect writing speed, like the drive the data is being pulled from - no point having a nippy USB3 pen drive, if its pulling data from a slower drive, or through a busy bottleneck.

Just as well anything more than a hundred tracks or so is something that we dont do every night then really.

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This also seems to be more of an issue if you import your Serato collection into engine and then export. If I drag files right from finder into Engine and then export it goes a lot quicker

thank god there aren’t that many Beyonce songs!!

as a mobile DJ and being forced to use an external HD being you cannot link the decks to the laptop like you can Rekordbox, you have to export thousands of tracks to an external. Doing 4-5 jobs a week ranging from sweet 16’s, Motzvahs, weddings and so on I keep all my music on me ready for any request that may come at me

the speeds are not the issue of the laptop , Its a MacBook Pro loaded, Fast SSD drive internally and USB3 drive with 300MB/s write speeds and if it was the laptop and drives then Rekordbox would have the same issue.

Ran an export last night to export 10,000 tracks and 8 hours later only roughly 3,300 tracks are done, thats insane, RB could do 40,000 in 8-9 hours. there is definitely something with the software they need to work on. I see the tracks loading on the drive and its taking 5-6 seconds per track, thats way too long when compared to other software that exports

there were many tests run on writing speed compared to the competition an in most cases Engine Prime always performs faster. If you are actually writing 900 tracks, it’s not a couple minute operation however if these are typical size ( side does matter). The transfer speed in general is little difference than if you just simply copied the data across. If you already have the data copied on the drive, then its even less time. By the way, Serato software support as a controller is coming soon so if you want the laptop, you can use it this way.

I wonder is it’s an ExFAT thing - I too am having very slow transfers to USB, with an ExFAT formatted USB stick. My Macbook is generally pretty quick and has a nice SSD, so I don’t think the issue stems from my computer. All music is pre-analysed on Engine.

thank you, I got the speed of the transfer to normal by dragging the files from finder into collection and then to external vs using the Serato crates.

I don’t want to use Serato, I want to use Engine, I figured they would make a LINK feature like RB has. I want to work off my external 99% of the time but at times its nice to have the laptop screen to search for a track and drop it into a deck

Understood, and this feature request in front of the team. Thank you!


If u could do the same for traktor i would be delighted. I experience the same thing when i drag and drop form traktor in to engine, trying to keep some of my playliststructure. but when i drag files from prime finder into collection and then pack crate it is smooth sailing. And also, when drag from traktor, it doesnt read meta data like artist and trackname. Have to adjust that all manually for now so mayne there is a trick or solution i dont know of… I am on windows btw so for now no rekordbuddy :frowning: thanks!

For the metadata I think you can select the files (CTRL + A for all on Windows), click right button and then choose Re-import Track Information

Yes, tried that and re analyse but doesnt show. Maybe its the way the information is written to tracks or library file by traktor. Have to look into it when i have more time, must be something with how i improt them or how info is written to the tag or to collection file i dunno. Will get back to it when i figure it out.

Oh and i would love a second comment column if possible.

Exited to read that some ‘demands’ are allready being adressed as we speak and not with so many words but that most reported stuff posted it here will be sorted very soon. Hopes are up!

But on the file name import, i think it has something to do with inline editing in traktor and the way it saves that or something. 2b continued.

I’m also experiencing really slow export speeds - and all my tracks are just used in Engine (not Serato or iTunes or anything else). It is going well below normal transfer speeds - the number of files I’m trying to load onto this stick should take about 10 minutes top, but Prime has been “packing crates” now for the last 30 minutes yet is only 30% done.

This is on a Windows system, and I pulled up the task manager and Engine is barely pulling 1% of processor power and almost no disk usage (less than 1% as well). It’s almost as though it has decided to be super economical with system resources all of a sudden (it had no such concerns when analyzing the files!).

There definitely appears to be a bug of some sort going on here.

Same here , packing crates and playlistst on a external device takes forever , just adding one song takes about 10 mins.? Driving me nuts I am on a mac btw

Experiencing this isue right now. Multiple USB sticks. Used both USB3.0 & USB2 to compare. Also checked multiple USB slots.

I’m running an i7 with SSD. Windows 10 Latest stable update.

I’ve been on “Packing Crates 80%” for over 3 hours.

Im using a MacBook Pro. It is taking forever to export crates to my usb drive! It has only exported about 350 tracks in about 2 hours. If I add the same amount of tracks directly from finder, it takes about 5mins. Please tell me this isn’t normal.

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It all depends on the writing Speeds of the USB drive and the file size to be written. I got multiple USB 3.0 drives and even if they are all fast with large files to be written, the writing Speeds are completely different when writing many small files. I cannot talk about EP Performance in exporting data as I am not using SC5000 at the moment but with rekordbox I am experiencing fast Export and slow Export Speeds depending what USB drive is used. The data to be written is not just the Music file… When complaining about the Export Speeds in EP, I would suggest to check the Performance of the USB drive and maybe post the result here just to be sure it is not the USB drive itself being the bottleneck. Just saying it is an USB 3.0 isn’t good enough - unfortunately.

For example: I got a Supersonic Mega 256GB USB 3.0 and write Speeds for small files is going below 1 MB/s, which causes many hours of exporting (from rekordbox) for my library. I own a SanDisk Extreme pro USB 3.1 256GB which is providing much faster Speeds for small files (on a USB 3.0 Port) compared to the Mega. Here the exporting is much faster (more than 20 times faster) - all formatted in FAT32. Just wanted to express how different the results are depending on the used USB drive.

If you copy just the Music files from the finder to the USB drive, I am not surprised that you got faster Speeds. I think you Need to have a look what else is copied to the USB drive when exporting the crates to it. These other data is potentially the reason why the Speeds are so different.

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Even though the new sync manager was a big feature of Engine Prime v1.5, something is still very wrong with the exporting/synchronisation. I deleted about 70 largish tracks from my collection and then re-exported to USB to sync. It took 35 minutes just to delete the tracks and sync the database. That’s insane as no additional music files were added. Running a comparable sync task using MusicBee takes about 2-3 minutes.

Is anyone else experiencing such slow exports?

Faster would be nicer but as it’s a program that’s only for use for home prep, not for gigs then the only thing to remember is not to leave prep until the last minute before leaving for a gig

Well, I just bought the DJ Denon Prime4 and was really looking forward to gigs without a laptop. But with Engine Prime’s snail pace software, I am regretting my purchase decision.

Now, I do like the Prime4 mix features, but ENGINE PRIME needs a re-write of its code to speed up data transfer. What a disappointment.

I have over 30k songs to move to my USB drive, but even small folders with 200-300 songs take hours to transfer. Just started another Sync Manager session, but all I see is “Calculating” - it’s been in that mode for over 30 minutes now, and the sync has not even started yet. I can’t believe Denon is OK with this. What a fail. So frustrating!

Until Denon fixes the snail mode, I will not recommend any DJ buying the Denon Prime.

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Use an SDXC card or a USB stick instead of an internal drive to the P4 and you will see that you will no longer have slowness problems. You can disconnect your card from Prime 4 and insert it directly into your PC for analysis by Engine Prime.