Export Setlist On Prime

One of the great features of Serato DJ is how it records your set tracklisting, which you can then tag to your mix as you upload it to Mixcloud. This is a must for Prime, as I’m doing it manually today :frowning:


BIG thumbs up for this. I’ve stopped using the Primes for my broadcast stuff for this very reason. Need to be able to easily export a history list to a text file.

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@ToddOddity the Denon Converson Utility has a tool: “DeXT” that:

“Convert all Prime history playlists on the USB to a tab delimited text file so you don’t have to manually type your track-lists and to aid with royalty filings. Engine Prime does not have any export capabilities.”

Besides ths it also can create from a Denon Prime database a rekordbox USB so you can ride the CDJ’s if the club does’n’t have our preferred prime set up. This conversion from Denon to Rekordbox includes the cue’s, loops and beatgrids.

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Will give this a go, cheers

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the feedback!

Just wanted to let you know this is on our radar and will be implemented into Engine Prime in a future update.

Please understand that we cannot commit to release dates as they often change due to unforeseen development hurdles and road blocks. I will update this thread once the update is tested and ready for release.


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thanks @Jason_DenonDJ would it be possible to share with us what is on your list with potential changes.

The first and current version of Engine Prime are close to 6 months old and during these months a lot of suggestions have been made.

Would be appreciated if you can share what is on the list and if you even can add which ones are on the first update that would be even better.

Waiting anxiously on this first update.

Hi @polderboy,

Feature lists often change prior to release so, just like release dates that information is not available unit everything has been tested/approved and confirmed for release. We don’t want to promise anything we cannot deliver. Hopefully you understand.

I can promise you that we have been listening to the community and the first update will include a number of improvements and requested features.

We appreciate patience. Good things are coming! :slight_smile:

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Did anything ever get pushed on this? Bugging me when I’m doing Mixcloud sets and they don’t have tracklistings.