Experienced a freeze tonight during a gig. Any ideas?

So I played a medium sized wedding tonight, probably a good 150 people in attendance and I had the floor packed. All of a sudden, during a gd line dance of all things the mixer just stops responding to all controls halfway through the song. The soundcard was still functioning as the audio never dropped out, but the meters and screen were frozen and at the end of the song I had to power cycle the thing to regain control.

This is now the second time I’ve experienced a freeze during a gig. The first freeze I was playing outside and it was pretty hot so I chalked that one up to the heat but the symptoms were the same. But tonight I was inside a very air conditioned venue.

I’m going to open a ticket with Denon DJ support tomorrow but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue? I love my prime setup(s) but I’m losing confidence in this thing’s reliability.

I have two and neither has done that, but I have never done a whole set with it using dj software.

“Hot” and laptops rarely go together.

I’d be looking at the laptop or usb cable rather than the rather tried and tested mixer

If the meters and OLED screen all froze, that’s not the laptop, though.

Sorry I should have been more clear. There is no laptop in this setup. Using an x1800 with two sc5000 players.

You clearly mispoke then.

Actually, he never said he was using software, you just jumped to that conclusion because he said the “sound card” was still functioning.

When there’s no external computer in use with it over USB, the soundcards are not in use in the X1800.

Ok, so I thought the part of the mixer that outputs the sound was called a sound card. I stand corrected. Whatever part of the mixer that sends and receives the audio signal was functioning while the rest of the unit was frozen\unresponsive.

Anyone else have this experience or any ideas? I’m using the up to date firmware on both the media players and the mixer and I was using the digital inputs on the mixer.

Sounds like it’s best to open a ticket. Just curious if you LAN linked the SC5000’s through the X1800. Can recreate the scenario again (i.e. connections, and tracks playing/cued up). Is the firmware up to date (X1800 = V1.2 , SC = V1.3.1?

Hello @9secondadidas, sorry to hear about your mixer issues. Opening a support ticket is indeed the best method for support at this point; they will know the best solution for your problem. Open a Denon DJ Support Ticket here when you are ready!