[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Tidal: Year field in track info is empty (despite release date is available in Tidal)

When long press a track the track info shows Year, but the field is empty

  • Beta Version: 1.4 beta 1

  • Steps to Reproduce: Long press track to see track info - Year field is blank

  • Expected Result: Song info shows year (or release date)

  • Actual Result: Empty year field

  • Reproducibility: All Tidal tracks

  • Additional Notes: Perhaps a current limitation of Tidals api?

Hi @addie,

Thank you for reporting.

We are checking to see if TIDAL actually allows us to access the year field.

We’ll confirm soon.

Hi @addie,

Unfortunately, the API does not offer this information at this time. So this behavior is expected due to the limitation.

Moving to archive.

@JWiLL Thanks for checking and feedback. Then we just have to wait and see if Tidal will improve the API in the future :slight_smile:

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