[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] tidal Track not available due to Users Subscription

  • Beta Version: 1.4.0

  • Steps to Reproduce:

Update too 1.4.0. add wifi password to use Wifi. go to tidal on prime 4. on mac go to tidal website address stated on the prime 4 and log in and add code that is on the prime 4. serach for a playlist with tidal on prime 4. load a track into deck 1 and I get a message. “track not available. Requested quality is not allowed in the users subscription”. .

  • Expected Result: the track loads and can be played.

  • Actual Result: track will not load.

  • Reproducibility: ?

  • Additional Notes:

  • Link to Video Repro: I am not allowed to update the photo.

Sounds like you are trying to download Hifi quality tracks. I tried that too and got the result you described. Switched back to regular (MP3)quality and all was fine.

Like @DJ_Vintage says could be a difference in Tidal settings on Prime and Tidal subscription.

You van check your Tidal subscribtion at https://my.tidal.com/nl/account/subscription On Prime 4 in Tidal you see a Gear icon (cogwheel) :gear: below the magnifying glass to view and change TIDAL settings.

As mentioned above by @DJ_Vintage & @addie, this is user error. If you choose a quality setting outside of your TIDAL subscription, the track will not load.

The appropriate quality setting is automatically chosen after logging in. A user would need to purposely select the incorrect quality setting.

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