[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] tag order resets trough browsing playlist

  • Engine OS Device: PRIME 4

  • Beta Version: 1.6

  • Steps to Reproduce: browsing the playlist, the TAG order resets example: tag BPM > change playlist > order will reset.

  • Expected Result: TAG order maintained trough playlist

  • Actual Result: reset order

  • Reproducibility:

  • Additional Notes:

  • Link to Video Repro:

HI @djonboard - Thanks for the feedback!

Playlists reset to "play order’ by default. This is currently by design.

If you want to maintain sort order while changing lists, Crates may work better for you.

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Thank you for the answer, but, why this?? Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor and Virtual DJ maintains sort order while changing crates AND playlist too… I can’t understand…

@djonboard Crates are collections of tracks arranged however you want. You decide how to sort the list. There is not really a fixed order. Not every brand you mention use crates.

Playlists are lists of tracks arranged in a specific order (Play order). It makes sense that the specific order is chosen every time you access a playlist, as this is the primary difference opposed to crates, and the main reason for using playlists instead of crates. It is intended to play in play order. And on top (as extra) you can sort tracks (temporary) different in playlists, like you can on crates. I’d suggest that you create a feature suggestion which can be voted on if you feel this should be changed in a future update

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