[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] SWEEP FX - FILTER - always switched on after power on

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  • Beta Version: 1.3.2 & 1.4 beta

  • Steps to Reproduce: SWEEP FX - FILTER After power-up, FILTER is always on. Even if the FILTER light is switched off earlier and the light is off - we turn the power off - we turn the power on again, FILTER is on

  • Expected Result:

  • Actual Result:

  • Reproducibility: - always - 10/10

  • Additional Notes:

  • Link to Video Repro: https://www.facebook.com/dorota.kuczmarska.9/videos/1315723998578382/

Do you mean the filter is audibly working as soon as you switch on, or just thatcthe filter button is illuminated ?

The button is illuminated and probably works, because by turning the SWEEP FX knob to the right or left, the FILTER control starts to ligate


Thank you for your feedback. This is expected behavior. Filter selected on power up is the default setting as per specification. Moving to archive.

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