[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Prime 4 settings lost when updating to Egine OS 1.6 Public Beta

  • Engine OS Device: PRIME 4

  • Beta Version: 1.6

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start with most recent stable Engine OS firmware.
  2. Change interface settings, to include platter LED coloration and horizontal waveform display.
  3. Update to Engine OS 1.6 Public Beta.
  • Expected Result: Changed settings will persist after the update.

  • Actual Result: Changed settings will be reset to the factory default.

  • Reproducibility:

  • Additional Notes: Understand if saving settings is not possible since the firmware is being loaded as a disk image.

  • Link to Video Repro:

same happens on the sc5000

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Hi @seth - Thank you for your feedback.

Deck settings are reset during USB/SD updates. This is just the nature of this update process. The computer based update for the official release will not reset these settings.

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