[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Adjusting Pitch% when Sync is on/off

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  • Beta Version: Prime 4 v1.4 beta

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. @Preferences: set the BPM % to 10% 2.Load track with slow BPM on a deck(ex. 90BPM)
  2. Load Track with fast BPM on another deck (ex. 150BPM)
  3. Press Sync button on first deck.
  4. Press Sync button on other deck. (–> This deck syncs with the first track but is more or less than 10%)
  5. Toggle both Sync buttons off on a deck and move the pitch-fader.
  6. Maximum or Minimum Pitch % of the fader is now more or less than 10%
  • Expected Result: Maximum or minimum Pitch % should always stay 10 % because of the preferences.

  • Actual Result: Pitch is 50% or 100%

  • Reproducibility: When Sync is activated and deactivated on two decks and loading a track with different BPM

  • Additional Notes: You can switch the BPM% again if you go into preferences and switch between the %. The BPM% is then set correctly.

  • Link to Video Repro: No link available

I would think this is by design. You ask for the system to sync, so it will adjust the pitch range to accommodate that difference. Regardless of your preference.

If the range would stay at +/-10% as per bug report above, the pitch fader would never be able to reach that larger or lesser pitch value…

Use Shift+PitchBend +/- to set range back to 10% more quickly (instead of using preference).

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That’s exactly how I’d expect it to work too.

The only exception which I can think of would be if one track was 120BPM and the other track was 240BPM then it would nice if the sync just ignored exact half/double bpm

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Yes, I’m asking to system to sync. But if I’m changing between genres and i forgot to switch off the sync the maximum and minimum pitch changes to 20, 50 or even 100% What should happen is that the sync changes the pitch to for example 50% but the maximum of the fader stays 10%. When the pitch is changed you need to slide the pitch fader to max. or min. to reactivate the fader (this is what happens in Traktor Pro)

No. You’re forgetting the dual layer function that the competition doesn’t have.

Pitch fader soft takeover is needed in this case. If the pitch fader would not change it’s range, speed change will happen if you change layer and “simply min or max fader”.

Again this, to me, is by design.

Dual layer that the competition doesn’t have? euhm: I’ve played with Traktor Pro in combination with a Pioneer DDJ-SX controller for many years. Dual layer was already present there.
I used the sync button there also and if the Pitch after sync was more than 10%, the max and min of the pitch fader stayed 10% but I needed to slide the pitch-fader to the max or min to activate the soft take-over. Maybe this is by design by Denon and do I need to be careful switching between tracks. But when the max and min changes to 100% a little touch of the pitch fader can be a disaster when mixing…

Dual layer on an all-in-one unit without the need of a laptop.

This is not available on any other hardware other than Denon DJ’s.

Must be my brain, but if a sync sets pitch at +22% and the fader setting stays at range 10%, then soft takeover in your case would suddenly change the music from +22% to +10% before you lower it further??

I don’t say it’s wrong, I just cannot get my head around it.

Either way, I think this would be more of a request than a bug.

I requested a feature because of this expected behaviour.

In Serato, you can set your pitch range to 6% or 8% but still sync a track to a tempo higher than what range you defined.

What happens then is that the pitch slider assumes a relative position


  • Say i’m trying to do a tempo transition 100BPM to 130BPM without using a pre-made transition track

  • Deck A (Live Deck) is 100BPM to mix in Deck B (cued deck) 130BPM

  • I slide Deck B tempo fader all the way to the most negative position (i don’t change my tempo range or anything)

  • Say my tempo range is 10%, this brings Deck B to 117bpm

  • Hit Sync on Deck B and tempo of Deck B drops further to 100bpm and its cued up.

  • I find my mix in point in Deck A and start mixing in Deck B

  • Start sliding Deck B tempo towards positive direction, tempo starts increasing from 100

  • I may need to slide the tempo fader all the way down to get deck B to 130BPM

  • If on reaching the end of the tempo slider, i still haven’t reached 130bpm or desired bpm, i can hold SHIFT and take the tempo slider back still without affecting the current BPM of Deck B.

  • From whatever arbitrary point i let go of SHIFT i can decide to increase the tempo further or just to bring the slide back to 0 if its already playing at original bpm of 130

  • Despite syncing to a tempo out of range, the tempo range does not switch to a bigger value. I can continue to mix as usual without hassle.

  • Its a bit difficult to explain in words but i can shoot a video.

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Yep, that’s true…

I don’t need to mix with this variety of pitch changes like Mufasa. But the problem is when I want to switch genres after a set with SYNC on the pitch difference is more than 10% on the new track. I have to push the sync off then, but then the pitch range is changed to 20, 50 or even 100%.

Maybe a solution is when loading a new track the pitch range is reset to 10% like the settings in the preference menu.


As mufasa said, I’ve also been caught out with this not quite knowing what was going on with the ranges, but a check confirmed the pitch range had been adjusted automatically but not put back to it’s original pitch range so it was in the 50% zone.

Being able to hold “shift” when re-adjusting the pitch is my usual method in Serato DJ. It would be nice to have but can understand Denon DJ wanting to implement their own method.

I’d vote for the SDJ way if if ever came to it. I mix different styles and use the pitch adjustments to make live “transition” tracks and the method of holding shift to disengage the pitch works wonderfully.

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I agree with Mufasa & Wilks on this one. I really like the way Serato has implemented it. Having the ability to use shift and move the pitch fader from bottom to top or vice versa without it having any effect is a real winner. That allows one to sync tracks with large differences in bpm while still maintaining the pitch range you had selected.


Hey folks, Thanks to everyone how has taken the time to participate in this conversation. I’m labeling this as expected behavior for the time being. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be entertaining a more Serato like workflow in the future. If you feel that this is worthwhile, I would recommend to bring this up as a feature request in the feature request section.