Evening all

Hello. Waiting for my prime 2 delivery, traded in ddj400. Looking forward to having a play. Will be a big step up from what I had.

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Welcome, Millwall - am sure you’ll love it here.

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Hi and welcome to the pleasuredome (:copyright: FGTH)

What made you go for the Prime 2? Did you research, watch videos etc?

My friend had the prime 4, had a play on that and against the ddj400. Its history.i have him my old decks and he added them.i have not got the space for the 4 and went for the 2.

Welcome to the world of the 12-inch, where anything can happen.

Hi @Millwall72, sometimes discussions Rage Hard here.

Box set, mate.

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I’ve just now realised that none of it is on my computer. Time for some ripping…

:+1:, cheers for the welcome