Euro 2020(1)

Any football fans here?

The Euros are now getting to the final stages.

Congratulations to England on Beating Germany :slight_smile:

France being knocked out by the Swiss was so unexpected.

Who do users on here think will win?

I think the Italians look strong. As do Belgium and Spain.


My head says Belgium

My heart is saying Denmark

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Germany fan, Muller’s breakaway shot rolling a foot wide was rough. Thought England was the better team. If Hazard and De Bruyne are healthy enough Belgium will be very tough, Italy as well.

Max has a good chance of winning! :wink:

You guys can stay on-topic.

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Well, Max is doing better than all 11 other Dutchies combined :wink:

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Denmark all the way :denmark:

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The winner of Italy v belgium will go on and lift the trophy. Think it will be the Italians.

Denmark could be the dark horse though :wink:

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Italy and Spain then …

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Italy were amazing, can’t see anyone beating them right now

So Spain vs Italy and England vs Denmark.

I’ve thought Italy since before the start of the tournament. But I have a feeling that Spain will just edge past them now.

As For the other game, I think England should just do enough to beat Denmark.

I think it will be Italy v Denmark/England in the final.

Still not sure about the England Denmark game. Denmark seem like a team determined to go all the way regardless of what’s thrown at them.

Close game that, Spain vs Italy. I knew it was going to go all the way to pens.

Congratulations to Italy though for seeing it through till the end.

Victory or Valhalla :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow:

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Damn it :worried:… Well we did have a better score :grimacing:

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To Valhalla, you can go, but you won’t be going to the Euro 2020* Final.

You are welcome with the help we gave you with the OG :blush:

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It’s coming home lads


“Coming home”… Doesnt that only count if it has been there before? :thinking::wink::kissing_heart:

I know that’s what Kasper Schmeichel said in the pre-game press conference … :laughing:

But the true answer is the song “It’s Coming Home” was sung about hoping to bring a major trophy home at Euro 96 after 30 years of hurt (meaning 1966) when England last won a major trophy the World Cup …

… So yes it’s definitely “been there before” :wink: lol

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I have to tease Mufasa. He’s a great guy :blush:

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