Error loading Prime - Instant crash


I have just downloaded Engine Prime to understand the software more and get to grips with the music management. See my other post.

However, when I start the software, I get this error.

I have the following drives. C: (m.2 ssd - NTFS) E: (sata ssd - NTFS) F: (Soft RAID 10 (4x SATA disks) - NTFS) H: (Sata HDD - NTFS - Affected volume) None of these are external drives via USB)

Any ideas? I can’t do anything on the system as Prime crashes before I can make any changes!

Edit: I have taken my drive offline and confirmed Prime crashes regardless. So, it now fails to load and just crashes.

Not a good start to my potential Denon experience!

I have identified the cause of the error.

A helpful person on Reddit pointed out that Prime loads the audio devices and I should check for any updates. This did not work, but I found that my USB Piano keyboard (Novation Launchkey Mini) showed as an audio device within device manager. Unplugging this allowed me to load Prime.


As it states, the drive should be formatted for FAT32 (MS-Dos) or ExFat to use. I recommend FAT32 as this is not only the standard for Denon but most other DJ software.

I saw that for external USBs. However, does that mean that I’ll never be able to run prime as all my drives with all my data that are permanently attached via SATA are NTFS, I mean, I can’t format my C drive to just go to FAT32! I might be able to get around doing my dump volume and maybe the other ones if I get clever and creative with my storage and partitions, but I’m not reimagining my pc for prime ha!

Plus, as prime crashes and closes itself as soon as it detects that drive, I’m unable to use the software at all.

This would be weird. All my drives are NTFS and Engine Prime opens fine.

Now, I have my collections only on external ExFAT drives, but generally they are not connected and Engine Prime still opens without warnings.

What version do you use exactly?

That’s what I would of expected, I can’t imagine everyone has every drive one of those format’s. I have just downloaded it, so 1.3.3?

Same here also.

I still have some empty DVDR and BlurayR drives in my computer (in essence removable drives). How about you?

Mayby @Nekoro_DenonDJ can chip in here for support.

Just dismiss the warning.

EP is aware you connected an external drive (it can’t tell the difference between pen drive for export purposes and a larger drive that is just your music location)

It says the same with HFS as wel.

I have a single empty blueray drive, again, no disk etc in it.

@mufasa I unfortunately don’t get an option to dismiss the warning, it crashes before I can do so. I’ll take another look over it today in the evening to see what I can find. (I’ll watch your video at lunch as well)

I took my volume offline and tested, I now just get it crashing without the error.

Have you installed EP as Administrator?

Yes, it’s been installed as an admin, ran as a standard user and an admin. It does not work in safe mode either.