Error 22101 while deleting files

Hi everyone! Has anyone encountered the error “Caution Database Error Occurred :22101”? I am running Engine 1.5 on a MBP 2.5GHz i5 with 16GB of RAM and occasionally when I’m deleting files from my database I get that error. The file still seems to be deleted and everything operates as normal otherwise. The database has 14585 songs in it and its on a Lexar 256GB thumb drive. Any insights would be appreciated, Thanks!!

@Crazeed - Are you still experiencing this? If you’re using an MCX8000, you’ll shortly be able to use Engine Prime with the unit, rather than Engine 1.5.

Hi Gee, yes I’m still getting the error. It doesn’t however seem to cause any real problems. I’m anxiously awaiting engine prime capabilities for my 8000, in fact I’ve already started building my engine prime library in anticipation of the public release of v2 firmware.


Thanks for your update Crazeed - Have you tried the MCX Public Beta Testing firmware yet? I’ve added you to the MCX Beta group, so that you’ll be able to see the Beta group category at the bottom of the main forum page and you’ll be able to get he beta firmware from within the category. That beta firmware allows the MCX to use Engine Prime created databases.

Hi Guys

I get the same error but it only happens when you delete a track that is already loaded on Engine 1.5 player.

Usually what I do I just load another track to the player and then I delete the track that I want to erase from the database, this way I don’t get the error.