Erratic library display going from horizontal back to library

  • **Software or Firmware Version: 1.4 Beta

  • **Steps to Reproduce: Make sure you are using horizontal waveform view. Navigate to “Genre” & select any you like. Load up a track & start playing. Press “view” to go back to library.

  • **Expected Result: Each time you go back to your library, the unit should take you right back to the place you were previously, highlight on the track you last selected. Also having all the tracks within that genre available.

  • **Actual Result: Sometimes the unit goes back into the genre and to the last track you played (what we expect). Othertimes the unit will go back to the genre & take you to the very top of the list. Sometimes the unit doesn’t display all your tracks in that genre. It’s erratic. Every time you go back to your library (by pressing the view button) the unit takes you back to the genre list, but actually puts you outside the selected genre (if you scroll, you start scrolling through all your genre’s). Meaning you actually have to click a track inside the genre folder to scroll through your music in that specific that genre again.

  • **Reproducibility: 8 - 10

  • **Other Relevant Configuration Info: Nope

  • **Operating System & Version V1.4 Beta

  • Link to Video Repro:

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This also happens to me in the SC5000s. When going back from waveform view to library, I experience what the OP describes.

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