Eric Prydz also on Denon?

is Eric also going to chage his rider?

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Who cares if another super-star EDM DJ joins the ranks? Until I see kats (Adam Beyer, Eats Everything, Dosem, ____fill in the blank Techno, Tech-House, DnB DJ that is underground and actually skilled as a DJ) that I admire endorsing the product, I will continue to think this is all just clever marketing and not a “real” revolution against Pioneer. It’s probably going to take years for that to happen, if at all. So many peeps are invested in Rekordbox, that they’ll likely support the “XDJ1000nexus” whether it’s better than the SC5000 or not. That’s a shame, as the Prime player is clearly superior, but so many DJs are set in their ways now. Pioneer has dominated the scene for too long now. I hold out hope that peeps will see the light, however.


It should be “everyone” but I’ll happily quantifiy that into, “Anyone with interest in the market”.

Most people have their idols (Fred wears Nike, I like Fred, so I’ll wear Nike too) and their Anti-idols (Henry drives a BMW, I don’t like Henry, so I won’t buy a BMW).

Where it gets interesting is, how many friends (or social network followers) Fred or Henry have. Once you start getting past each of them having a few dozen friends, it no longer matters if one friend thinks “I don’t like Henry, so I won’t buy a BMW”) as enough of the other friends, and their friends, and friends of friends - will all go and buy BMWs.

It’s a snowball effect. Lots of people know of the pioneer solution… it’s the Tomato Ketchup option of what to add to a steak… doesn’t matter where you choose to eat, they’ll always have a bottle of ketchup around.

And of course…big name DJs have their circle of friends, some of whom will be other big name DJs. So, when Teiesto, Laidback Luke, Paul Oakenfold, Dimitri, Eric etc etc go to festivals and events etc and aren’t just putting up with ketchup, the other DJs supporting them, also featuring at the same events, ask for a taste of the newer, better alternative to bog standard ketchup… the Whisky Peppercorn Premium Sauce… They like it, tell their friends of their new discovery, and ditch the ketchup.

With more than one utility being discussed, a basic one out already and a Denon solution coming soon, the (2 month old) old cry of "ah but all my cue points and stuff are in rekordbox, I’m not starting from scratch again) is irrelevant. Engine Prime and then the SC5000 itself will be able to read and act upon all the rekordbox cues.


Perhaps those DJs who don’t / can’t have riders, could get behind a #DitchTheKetchup hashtag :wink:



Where you able to play around with those new players and mixer? I was blown away! I think it just a matter of time when DENON will take over this market.

While I agree with you on the mixer and players, DenonDJ needs to make cheaper devices with the same EnginePrime workflow or else it will probably fail as club standard. Two problems arise:

  • “Superstar” DJs will not suddenly change their workflow and shall wait for a Pioneer equivalent to make it easy for themselves. Then again, Superstar DJs should have the balls to be innovative again and put some time and effort in their professional skills and change their rider accordingly!
  • “Bedroom or Starting” DJs aspiring to play in the high-end booths will go out and buy the cheaper devices to match that workflow. Problem for most bedroom DJs is that their cashflow doesn’t match high-end booth workflow, so the smartest thing for them is going for the cheaper version of the club standard.

Now, for me personally, I don’t give a sh*t what a club standard is or not. I had my chance in the 90s, but didn’t pursue a DJ career so I am, in essence, a bedroom DJ again. Only performing with and for my kids :wink: Don’t get me wrong, I still had different gear in all the years after the 90s ranging from Pioneer to Tascam to Denon to Native Instruments. However, the latest DenonDJ Prime gear exactly fitted my needs, so I went out and bought the best devices matching my workflow and my quality standard.

A friend of mine has a similar problem. Cash is no problem, but he is not at liberty to have a rider for the times playing in a venue. Adapting to the club standard is his best option, but than he played with my Denon setup… one big dilemma.

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The whole celebrity endorsement thing ended for me when Blackberry’s “Creative Director” Alicia Keys was caught tweeting from her iPhone.


I agree denon sets new standards and the sc 5000 look very promising. But they are too expensive at the moment. I am working at a local radio station where often Djs are invited for guest sets. 2/3 ask for Pio players, 1/3 for traktor scratch.

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