EQ/Isolator doesnt filter vocals

Hi, after 2 weeks with my new Prime 4 I still struggle to enjoy mixing because the EQ section doesnt quite work as I expect it to work. When using a DJM-900 set in isolator mode, turning off the middle knob completely usually filtered the vocals completely.

This doesnt happen with my Prime 4 so far, even after changing the mode to isolator and altering the frequencies. Changing the frequencies just lowered the sound of the vocals (and the highs) but never really changed anything regarding my problem. I want to be able to just use the highs of a Song. And I know that it’s not always possible to filter vocals, etc completely but the DJM-900 does it a lot better but I dont want to send back my beloved Prime 4.

I even tried setting everything to maximum or minimum but even with this settings and just the low EQ knob turned up I can still sense the vocals.

Does analyzing the songs in the Prime Software change anything? I currently stopped using it because it deletes most of the covers but that shouldnt keep me from using it if it would improve the performance of the EQ Section.

Has anybody had the same problem and knows a solution?

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Yes. Try to figure out where the crossover frequencies are in the 900 and adjust in settings under the utility section.

Pioneer 600

  • Low Frequency -26 ~ +6 dB @ 100Hz

  • Mid frequency -26 ~ +6 dB @ 1kHz

  • high Frequency -26 ~ +6 dB @ 10kHz

Pioneer 800 - 2000

  • Low Frequency -26 ~ +6 dB @ 70Hz

  • Mid frequency -26 ~ +6 dB @ 1kHz

  • high Frequency -26 ~ +6 dB @ 13kHz

These are center frequencies so I think that x-over should be at 140Hz and 10kHz? Well good luck to find that spot where it works as you want.


Thank you very much I will check with these Settings and report here if I find limits that matches my expectations!

Xone mixers:

4kHz and up for HIGHs.

300Hz-4kHz for MIDs.

300Hz and lower for LOWs

Ecler Evo 4:

6,5kHz and up for HIGHs.

200Hz-6,5kHz for MIDs.

200Hz and lower for LOWs

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Yes i am pretty much using the Xone values now, what means I am back to the standard settings of Denon. Thank you all for your support!

One of the advantages of Denon is that you can laborate with the frequencies, as I can see that is not possible with Pioneer gear. They are fixed and this is why I don’t go for Pioneer stuff, the sound is very artifical. Flat and restrained, everything sounds “the same”. Yeah, easy to mix but what about the difference. Good luck with experience the P4. Right treated it’s a fantastic machine but I have some advice, Do backup your Engine library regurlary, it will save you a lot of work when you get that message “Database is corrupt …” Do this backup everytime you have your computer connected for maintenance of your library. Thank me later because I know at one point you will screw up. Cheers and have a Happy New Denon DJ 2021 year!

I know what you mean and i’ve posted for asking for “EQ Profiles” in Engine OS :

EQ profiles - SMART CONSOLES / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

Take à look, i think we have the same vision…