EPB Won't analyze files


I have a bunch of CD that I imported to MP3 & M4P & M4A years ago. They are all on a NAS drive. Regardless if I check the “Copy files to music media folder when adding to library”, the Analyze randomly does not work.

I have imported 2 different folders of m4a’s. One got analyzed, the other not. One got imported into the USB, the other not.

  • Beta Build Version: 1.4.0 3fe75ad40

  • Computer OS & Build: macOS Catalina 10.15.3

  • Steps to Reproduce: See above explanation

  • Expected Result: See above explanation

  • Actual Result: See above explanation

  • Reproducibility: All the time

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: All files are on NAS

  • Link to Video Repro:

It is specified in the manual the EP doesn’t work with NAS

Hence why I selected the option in Music to copy locally the import. Even though with this option , same issue .

The option doesn’t work well. You first must copy manually files from nas to your drive, then Export analyzed files to external devices with EP.

Copying manually first worked. thanks for the trick. I wish they did it so it would work over NAS. It ■■■■■ to double all songs in space.