EP (ver1.3.3) doesn't read the Serato Database of my 2nd Buildin Disk

EP only reads the Database locatet on my first systemdrive. of my 2nd Drive, it would not read the Serato Database, so i can’t get my Crates from there. The Second Drive is My Musiklibrary, with all my Music on it. How can i solve this problem. I don’t want my music on my main 1st Drive, because this is only for my OS an installed Programs. So i can, if there is a problem with my OS, delete the 1st drive, without losing my Music collection. Because this is much quicker, and effiktver, as putting back any Backup.

System: Macbook Pro (mid2012) OsX Mojave 10.14.6 SSD 500Gb with 2 Partions on it (System / Music) EP version 1.3.3. SeratoDj Pro version 2.3.1

Maybe you should check Serato library folder name on your second partition.

I did that, even chance the Crate names, delete them make them new. nothing helps, EP only read the main system drive.

But now, Serato still sees your library from the second partition?