EP says drive corrupt, PC does not

Not sure, Denon is not the maker of you external device. If it works with another usb device, then it is yours to resolve the error.

What a help! Thank you for your input of…nothing. Did you read anything in this thread? My external device works 100% as intended with every piece of software and every computer I own, except Denon’s EP software.

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Hi @djbertie - Sorry to hear of the difficulties!

Data corruption typically only occurs if a media device is forcefully removed from the computer or Prime hardware while the media device is being written to.

In order to help determine what could have caused this, I will need to collect further information about your usage and configuration.

You say the corruption message is shown on the players but not the desktop software. Have you tried to perform Library Optimization while this drive is connected? (Preferences > Library > System > Library Optimization) If not, it may be worth a shot.

  • What OS are you running on your computer?

  • What version of Engine Prime are you running?

  • What Prime hardware do you use this drive with?

  • What is the firmware version of those Prime hardware devices?

  • Do you safely eject your drive before removing from you computer or Prime hardware?

I will also have the team take a look at your database files to see if we can identify what may have caused this. Please zip all of the db files within the Engine Library folder on your drive but exclude the ‘Music’ folder. Upload the zipped file to: https://denondj.wetransfer.com

Not sure why you’re questioning our level of support? You posted this over the weekend and we only just returned to work today. You’re comment is unnecessary and untrue. We always strive to provide the best level of support for our users, and I think many will attest to that. Please try and be a little more understanding. We are always willing to help but things are not always immediately seen.

In the future, if your post requires Denon DJ staff attention, feel free to tag me @JWiLL and I’ll be sure someone takes a look as soon as they can.

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Bertie mentioned on both. On the player and with EP.

Repair, rebuild or restore are the only options left. The first being the preferred option, if doable.

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Ah I see. Thanks for correcting @Reese.

Thanks for the response! I have added my zipped files to the link but it’s 6GB so it will take a while.

I am running windows 10, using EP version 1.3.3, using (2) 5000’s & x1800 mixer running 1.3.1. Yes I eject my drive before removing it from my computer but sometimes it auto ejects itself.

I also ran this to check the drive (which looks fine)…

In regards to the responses, I have these following threads/issue that were never answered…

  • I have a personal email with one of In Music’s tech support personnel and they never responded outside of their initial email that started our conversation. This email chain was supposed to be regarding my 5000 that stayed on after being shutdown then eventually unplugged. Since this issue, the unit has dimmer lighting in the center, sometimes layer A does not work, and the touch display on the screen sometimes does not work. Never heard back from them (and I do have a warranty on the unit).

5000 stuck on powering down - 5000 stuck on powering down

Cues sometimes have delay - Cues cause lag/delay

Search results reset - Search refreshes a split second after hitting view to go back to

Search results reset - Search results are resetting

I honestly haven’t even got around to posting the rest of the issues I have because the main problematic ones are not currently fixed. This is also true for numerous threads regarding BPM issues, beat grid issues, search time functionality, EP functionality and performance, etc., we just don’t see responses the majority of the time.

People spend thousands on this equipment and we are at the point where issues are a pattern and not just rare occurrences. I’ve played out with these things for a minimum of 70 hours at this point and there is just a list worth of stuff wrong with them. The screens semi glitch scrolling through folders, sometimes I load a new song onto a deck and the cues are still controlling the song that was previously loaded on it (<<you guys seriously need to look into this one, I have yet to make a thread on it), sometimes pressing cue does not actually activate the cue…I can seriously sit here all day and type out a dozen more issues and I’m not even taking my anger out on Denon right now, it’s the honest truth.

You are not the first to report this, wonder whats causing it?

@jayb182 I am updating this regarding the drag/drop files- I have left my computer on 2 nights in a row and it will not process my files through to you via that website. The upload has gotten stuck at 6-10% both times and just stops uploading. If you really need these files please update me on another way I can send them over.

I have all my music backed up from my “corrupt” harddrive onto my computer, so I’m wondering what to do next. Do I save my database as well before wiping the drive clean? (I have not yet wiped my drive clean). Then, connect it to EP and see if it still says corrupt? Then I would re drag/drop the tracks back onto the drive?

@ mufasa In regards to loading a different track onto the same deck, I’m not sure what the issue is. This never occured prior to the most recent update (1.3.3 I believe), so maybe it’s related to this. I made a post about this issue- still waiting on a response for that one too. I can record a video of this happening, as it seems to be more frequent over time.

A positive with the standalone movement is that no one can blame your laptop, except you found way to stream porn on your 5000 screen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So it’s either hardware, OS or usb drive acting up

Thanks…I’m hoping I can figure this out soon because, while I have no events this week, I have a handful coming up the following week. I need to get this sorted now.

EDIT: They wonder why I put so much pressure on response time. It’s been 5 days since my last response…and I’m not even trying to be mean.

HI @djbertie - There is a lot of individual issues in this single thread which makes it quite difficult to effectively respond to. I’ll do my best to pull them out and answer individually.

Corrupt DB

6 GB is quite large for a single DB file.

  • How many total tracks are in your collection?

    Note: We recommend 50,000 or less for the best possible browsing experience.

We have yet to receive the zipped file. When you can please upload here: https://denondj.wetransfer.com

Auto ejection is not normal behavior.

  • What type of drive and connection are you using?
  • Have you tried a different USB port?
  • Have tried a different drive?

If this is happening regularly with multiple drives/ports, it would suggest a hardware problem with the unit. At which case warranty service would be required. I can help you with this just PM me.

This does not sound typical. Our staff is normally quite good at responding to cases in a timely fashion. Our offices are only open for business M-F. How many business days has it been? Just send me a PM with details of the your case correspondences and I will inquire internally to see what may be causing the delay.

This is not normal behavior and would require warranty service.

Sounds like Quantize is enabled and the quantize value is set at 1/2 beat or greater.

  • Does this occur when Quantize is off or changing the quantize value to a value less than 1/2 beat?

This is logged/confirmed on our side and we’ve got a fix coming in the near future.

This is logged/confirmed on our side and we’ve got a fix coming in the near future.

This is logged/confirmed on our side and we’ve got a fix coming in the near future.

@JWiLL Why isn’t Denon recommending that people use an external drive as the source drive, with a main music folder and then subfolders inside that folder for all of their music? Then dragging and dropping music into prime from those folders?

This eliminates a lot of problems and also saves so much time. Every time a cue point or loop is made on the player it’s instantly saved at that moment. No need for syncing or updating.

This way is also much much safer when issues arise, they can delete their current engine folder and replace it with a copy that was made at a time when everything was working normally.

** this is much easier to do it this way as their engine library folder will not contain any music files.* ** there is also no packing required as the music is already on the drive so once analyzed everything is quick and seamless.*

This is how Serato works and I have been using this method and it seems to work great especially for making backups of my Engine folder.

I make copies of my engine folder weekly and if something should arise all I loose is a week of cue points and analyzation.

The other way that people are doing it seems messy and is a nightmare to recover from.

I would of thought someone would have chimed in by now.

A lot of the time you are double and triple posting, rather than saying everything that you want to say in just one post.

I think the forum blocks users from posting after enough incidents of that as an anti-spam or anti-bump thing. You might want to use edit to add to your original posts, although that doesn’t help to boost your post count :frowning:

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Well I’m obviously not blocked because you responded.

All I’m trying to do is help people out. If they want to block me that’s fine.

I don’t need to spend hours of my free time trying to help out.

S_Anderson means the same as I pointed out earlier to you. It’s not about blocking anyone; it’s about a better readable discussion.

You can edit a post to keep it all in one reply or if you want to add something to it, that you forgot to mention initially.

That way the forum stays a bit more readable. Otherwise it reads as talking to yourself with 3 consecutive posts. Of course, replying to different users would be a separate post, but other users can see who you replied to. You can also tag a user using @DjAluzion (only one Tag per post possible btw).

Help is certainly needed, so please keep doing that. It’s just meant as a general tip. No harm done.


will do so moving forward. I have since learned how to better use the commenting. Thanks for the tips.


I have 58,481 files on this drive.

I’m not totally looking for answers to all my questions in this post. I can’t even get EP to work, let alone worry about the rest of this stuff. I was originally responding to proving the issues regarding technical support (from my personal experience).

Back to the original issue, what do you recommend I do right now? If my music is backed up should I just erase the drive and see if it connects to EP? In the next few hours I am most likely just going to try this.

I also do not have quantize on…I have seen other people report cue stuttering issues. I’ve been meaning to record a set and post this problem if Denon is not aware of this yet…it’s very inconsistent.

Lastly, the auto ejection issue is with my computer, not the 5000’s

Don’t worry about other people this, other people that. We all connect all sorts of stuff to our mixers and decks, with all sorts of files and all sorts of memory sticks and hard drives and SSDs. A lot of issues are related to those extra things, rather than the primes. So, not everything that happens to other people will happen to you.

Could you be more descriptive here?

  • Does it not open?
  • Does the app crash?
  • What version are you running?
  1. Send us the zipped corrupt db files so we can investigate. Please upload here

  2. Start fresh by removing the Engine Library folder.

  3. Install the latest version of Engine Prime latest public version is 1.3.3.

    If you want to help us test the 1.4.0 Sync Manager Beta, you can download it here. Your use and feedback can help improve the experience for yourself and others.

  4. Bring your music back into Engine Prime and transfer to your media device.

    What is your preparation and transfer workflow? ex. Add music to iTunes > Import iTunes Playlists in Engine Prime > Transfer/Export Playlists to Target Device.

  5. Create a backup of your collection to restore from in event of unforeseen database issues.

This issue was addressed in v1.4.0 of Engine OS firmware.

Here is the bullet from the 1.4.0 Release Notes:

  • Improved quantized triggering to be more forgiving. Hot cues and loops that are triggered slightly late will now trigger immediately and maintain phase.

If you want these improvements as well as many others, download and update to the latest version 1.4.1here.

Hope this eases some of the pain points. Let us know what else you’re struggling with and someone will jump in to assist.