EP says drive corrupt, PC does not

EP is saying my drive is corrupt but all the files show up on my computer fine. ■■■?

The harddrive works in virtual dj, serato, iTunes, and on my computer, but EP says corrupt.

I have a gig tonight so I’m using my backup drive but seriously, this is ridiculous.

Hey DJ Bertie do you make regular backups if you engine folder on your hard drive ?

If so try replacing the one on your hard drive with one that you made a copy of when everything was working and let us know what happened.

That should work as engine folder databases can become corrupt and cause issues.

You just have to unmount correctly from your pc and it should be ok

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Especially using Mac’s. Can be really picky when just unplugging a drive.

The only solution to this that I can think of - unless someone has a better one - is that I buy another SSD and copy everything from my current ‘corrupt’ one to the new one. My current ‘corrupt’ drive shows up on my computer fine; all the files play correct off it, but for some reason EP says it’s corrupt and won’t accept the harddrive in the program. Additionally, the 5000’s also say the drive is corrupt.

It’s EP database corrupt not your music files.

Rebuild the database from a back up or from ground up

Exactly what mufasa said.

you can test this by moving the engine folder off of your drive and then connect to the players or engine software. If you don’t get the error you know something in your engine library folder is corrupt.

Now if you move forward without the engine folder you will loose all your hot cues and loops and crates/playlists etc.

I recommend making weekly copies of the engine library folder and keeping them in a folder somewhere on your computer. I usually make a copy every time I edit tracks or after saving hot cues while playing on the players.

I name them with the date. for example Denon Backup Folder and inside that folder are other folders with dates that I backed up.

1/26 Backup , 1/29 Backup , 2/2 Backup etc

The reason I keep multiple folders with multiple backups is because if you just keep one backup and have a corrupt hip hop song but have only been playing house songs you might not know it. In that case you would restore the engine folder that has a corruption on it.

This is really covering everything but multiple copies means you can keep replacing the engine folder with different backups moving back in time until the problem resolves and only LOOSE the minimum amount of settings/hot cues etc.

hope this makes sense I will be doing a tutorial on this as I found out the hard way of not doing it like this as I feel you might have the same thing going on.


I didn’t forget about you . I saw your message this morning and I will need a day or two to make that video for you. One thing I can say is your using a different mixer and also your computer might have something to do with the MIDI information.

Serato is aware of the issue and im hopeful they will come out with an update soon to correct this.

I honestly never thought about backing up the root folder, it’s all a learning experience. However, this issue makes me question the quality of EP overall. The drive still works all these other places but just not in this specific program.

Regardless, I will do what you recommend shortly and report back with what happens. Thank you for the input!

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No problem, This is how I learned to fix some weird behavior that happened when I first got the players.

They should have this information on the FOREFRONT just because its very easy once you know what your doing and also saves so much time and frustration, you could literally fix something that could stop your performance in a matter of minutes.

I also believe anything affecting the players like hanging on shutdown or resetting or anything that’s weird people should remove the engine folder and see if it still happens. I believe a lot of it is just the player trying to make sense of the database files and just glitches if there is a problem.

Please comment back and let me know how you made out


Also keep in mind if your using two different drives that the file path has to match exactly.

SSD Name then main folders and subfolders. That is if your planning on changing drives your engine library won’t know the difference as long as the file path is correct

So what exactly am I looking to delete off my external music drive? Is it the user.profile file or one of the other ones?

Your going to copy your engine folder. The entire folder onto your desktop. once it is copied to your desktop delete it from the external. then try and plug in to the players and se if it gives you the same message.

If it doesn’t than you know your engine folder has corruption in it somewhere. at this point you might have to start over with all your cue points and data etc but make sure you start copying your entire engine folder like I mentioned at least once a week I would say.

If you still get the error on the player without the engine folder on your ssd than there might be something wrong with your ssd

Keep in mind that once you delete the engine library folder off of your ssd, once you plug into the player a new folder will be created by the player.

So my engine library folder has all of my music files and folders in it, which is about 60k songs. I can move this to my computer but that’s gonna take a few hours.

The Engine folder only holds the database. Music is located in the folders you copied them in. Perhaps a screenshot to show the contents of the drive would come in handy for us.

Off-topic @DjAluzion: FWIW. You can edit your own post to make changes, add extra info etc… That way the topic looks more clean.

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Here are screenshots of my harddrive layout. I also attached a screenshot of EP’s drive failure error and proof that VDJ still accepts this drive.


I see the music is indeed in the Engine folder.

Also, one of the databases seems corrupted, not the drive. Probably the largest database file, which holds the waveform, beat grid and cues info.

Problem is that, if you don’t have a backup of the engine files, you’ll need to rescan all tracks again. Redo all cues and loops depending on the defective file. Other option is to repair the database, but I’m not a DBA.

My music is not in the Engine folder, that way it’s easier to make a fast backup of the Engine files.

Your Engine library folder should NOT contain any music files. It is only for settings, profile and database files.

Your music files should be located on the same drive but not inside the Engine folder.