EP Frequently Auto Ejects My Harddrive

EP always auto ejects my harddrive. This does not happen when it is just plugged into my computer, or in VDJ, Serato, Ableton, nothing. This never happens outside of EP. Last year it auto ejected my harddrive and caused it to become corrupt, but it was only corrupt in the eyes of Engine Prime; it still worked with my computer 100% fine.

What gives?

I get some odd stuff as well…like EP telling me my MacBooks internal drive has ejected. Which is technically not possible bar the excepting that it is failing. But my MacBook starts up with no issues.


Are you “ejecting” your external drive from Engine Prime or just quitting the program when it ejects?

I always manually eject the drive in EP first, but at some point every time I am using EP, it will auto eject itself then have the audacity to tell me ‘ejecting the harddrive is unsafe and can cause corruption’ :joy:

Loose / fault cable / dry joint on laptop USB port


Usb hub

Not possible, the harddrive does not auto eject from my computer. EP auto ejects the harddrive from EP, that’s it.

I’d see if there’s any settings that the drive maker will let owners of that drive change via an app - seems very odd that you, and you alone, are uniquely encountering this issue.

Bump. Had my harddrive plugged into my computer for 2 hours, then I started up EP and BAM, EP auto ejects my drive saying ‘drive disconnected, may cause corruption’. It’s literally EP doing this, so I’m not sure what the problem is.